This was driving me craaaazy. I could vaguely remember exactly two lines from a year-old pop song called “Kaitlin” or “Caitlin” or something. Finally, in desperation, I wrote my local radio station:

Early in 2001, there was song getting lots of play on the radio. It was a poppy little tune about a girl, and some DJ said that it had actually been written by the lead singer for his daughter. The daughter’s name, as near as I can remember, was “Kaitlyn,” or some variation thereof (e.g. Catlyn), or something similar (e.g. Kathrine).

Two lines of the chorus when something like

“When everything just falls to bits
I think of you, my own Kaitlyn …”

… or somesuch …

The band was not a well known one. This song rapidly faded into oscurity. [The radio station] Star 101.5 may have been the only station in the Seattle area playing it.

Any clue?

And, moments after hitting [send], it came to me. “Cailin” by Unwritten Law. Boo-ya!