Lexically Scoped

Yersterday eveing I stayed late at work to finish up a big ‘n’ complicate perl script I am working on. Then, last night, I had crazy dreams in perl. In one I wanted to tell someone my name, but everytime I tried I would get an error because I had not declared my $name and it was therefore not yet lexically scoped.

Bonus: Calculate your Geek Quotient! Check all that apply.

I can relate to staying late at work to finish a program
I can relate to dreaming in a programming language
I know what lexically scoped means
Upon reading the above post I felt no urge to find you and beat you up
I checked the source code of this document to see if these checkboxes really serve any function
I have a calculator in hand and I am using it to compute my score as I read this

Scoring: Dude, you’re a geek and no test is gonna tell you otherwise.