The Jury Got the Drift

The jury got the drift [of the porn movie] after about 30 minutes and asked that it be stopped. “Kind of the same thing over and over,” bailiff Lori Meyers muttered after the jurors left for another break. As they went out, Chatham marched in with a pile of exhibits: copies of several newspapers, including the Dallas Observer; recent issues of two girlie magazines, Penthouse and Hustler; two porno tapes in their box covers and the R-rated Hollywood hit Basic Instinct.

“Oh, boy,” the court reporter chirped. “More movies!”

This Dallas Observer article — about a Texas county which keeps arresting the clerks at porno shops and the young legal eagle who keeps thwarting the procecution — is more interesting and well-written than a wheelbarrow of airport “Legal Thrillers.” Via Jerry Kindall.