Dailing the Phone

The other day I dialing the phone to call a friend and I began to think about the phrase “dialing the phone” and how this used to refer to the specific action you would have do to call someone — namely sticking your finger into the hole in a dial and turning it — but now all the phones are touch tone which renders the phrase “dial the phone” a total anacronism despite the fact that everyone still says it including kids who may not even realize that phones used to have actual dials on them but they are so used to saying “dial the phone” that they don’t even stop to wonder why the word “dial” means “push the buttons on the phone” and this realization made me feel kinda old all of the sudden even though I am only 31 and then my friend answered his phone and said “hello” and I couldn’t for the life of me remember who I was calling so I panicked and hung up and then I felt dumb.