Hi! Well, as you probably noticed I haven’t updated my blog in a few weeks, and I’m totally sorry cause I know that when you come here every day you expect to see updates on how I’m doing and what’s up with me and that girl from the Expresso stand and how my pet snake is doing and stuff, but I’ve been REALLy busy the last few weeks that’s why I haven’t been updating as much as I shoudld. Work has been a total drag — I’m SO backed up right now — and I’ve been playing a LOT of “Grand Theft Auto III” so I haven’t really had time to work on my blog. And then i was going to post something last Sunday, but, like, 20 minutes before i sat down at my computer all the power in my house went out. I checked the fuses and it wasn’t that, so I went down into the crawl space under the house and found that our power line had been completely chewed through and there was this fried, dead rat right next to it (it smelled AWFUL!) but it was huge and had a face like a person and instead of paws in had tiny hands. and then i saw another one go into a hole at the end of the crawl space so i checked that out, and through the hole i could see a small room, so I cleared away the dirt and found a trap door and whent down into the room. It was like a libary, with all these voodoo books with titles like De Vermis Mysteriis and The King in Yellow and stuff, and when i took this one big black book off the shelf the whole bookcase swung open and there was a passageway behind it. So I walked down it for a while and wound up in this underground temple where a bunch of guys in black robes were inside a big pentagram and doing some chant where they said ” Nyarlathotep” a lot. And then this big mist started to appear it was sort of shaped like a man, but then one of the robe guys saw me and stopped chanting and jumped towards me, but he scuffed the chalk pentagram marks which I guess is bad because the mist person thing started eating all the guys, I think (I don’t know because I left then, but i could hear screaming all night long). But anyhow, the next day i electrical taped my power cord back together and then went to do that update, but by then I totally forgot what I was going to blog about (wouldn’t you know!). So anyhow, that’s why i haven’t been updating every day, but I’ll try to do better, i promise. That’s all i have to say for now, cause nothing much has happened recently, but I’ll write more tomorrow. Bye! Oh, PS: I’m selling some voodoo books on Ebay today, check out my auction!