Amazon Ad

Speaking of Amazon …

Xerox is in trouble. Why? Because they overstated their profits. Worldcom is aflame. Why? Because they overstated their profits. Enron is pretty much a memory. Why? Because they overstated their profits.

Hey! I got your newest ad campaign right here!

Who Can You Trust?



Honestly reporting our lack of profits
Since 1994.

I’m not kidding, guys. This is the sort of edgy, willing-to-laugh-at-ourselves campaign that you used to employ all the time back when you could be legitimately called a “start-up.” Furthermore, you have taken way more than your share of flack for bravely telling shareholders about about your continual lack of profitability. Why not use this as an opportunity to subtly dig at your critics by saying “We’ve said all along that building a business takes time and a willingness to forgo immediate profits for longterm stability. And while hearing the truth about our debt might be unpleasant, it sure beats the alternative.”

If you incorporate this idea into a multi-billion dollar ad campaign, I expect a free hat.