Same As It Ever Was

Do you know what the greatest thing is about the Western Lowland Gorilla? I shall tell you. The greatest thing about the Western Lowland Gorilla is that his full, scientific name is — I kid you not — “Gorilla gorilla gorilla“. That is simply awesome.

In other news, I’m having one of those days where everything I do is steeped in deja vu. I started a write an email this morning, and then spent 10 minutes searching my “sent” folder to make sure I hadn’t already emailed that exact same message. And at the meeting I just went to, I swear I could have predicted every word that was said by the participants. (This is the case at almost any meeting, true, but the feeling was especially strong today.)

I think The Fates fucked up and gave me a rerun today.

Clotho: Okay, the sirens have this room in 20 minutes, so let’s keep things moving. Matthew Baldwin. Lachesis?

Lachesis: Yeah?

Clotho: What’s in store for Matthew Baldwin tomorrow?

Lachesis: How should I know?

Clotho: Because tomorrow’s Friday.

Atropos: And you’re doing Matthew Baldwin on Fridays, now.

Lachesis: Whoa whoa! I did him last Friday, one time, as a favor. That’s all I agreed to.

Atropos: Well I didn’t schedule anything for him, because you said you had him covered.

Lachesis: That is such bullshit.

Clotho: All right, knock it off you two. It’s too late to come up with a game plan, now. Lachesis, just take one of his days from a few months ago, change a few of the details, and give him that one again. His short-term memory sucks, he’ll never know. Moving on! Who’s got Betsy Sein?

The most unsetting thing about the deja vu is the constant sense of —

Hey, wait. Have I posted that Gorilla thing before?