Basted in Blood

I look forward to Thanksgiving every year just so I have an excuse to listen to this song (MP3 link).

It was performed on Saturday Night Live by Sarah McLachlan and Anna Gasteyer (a.k.a. Cinder Calhoun). This was the set-up:

Cinder: Thanks Norm, um as Sarah knows, I’m still not really comfortable with the term “standup comic”, I really consider myself more of a weaver of satiric truths in the tradition of the great Appalachain humorists.

Norm: Sarah, how did you discover Cinder, here?

Sarah: Actually, it’s a pretty funny story.

Cinder: Yeah, we were hanging out one night backstage with Alanis Morisette at the Follow your Bliss Tibetan freedom concert and everyone was in a real, like giddy slaphappy mood cause I was on a roll telling some pretty righteously funny Guatamalan animal riddles that I heard from a Latina friend. And Alanis was like totally stumped by the one about the trickster owl and the hungry bird and she goes “I don’t get it” and I looked at Sarah and I just go “Alanis…you you you oughta know!”

Sarah: …And I laughed so hard the baba ganoush I was eating came out of my nose!

Cinder: It was unbelieveable, it was unreal.

Norm: So you guys going to do some of your comedy for us tonight?

Cinder: Actually, Norm, Sarah and I feel that we’d be really remissed if we didn’t use this platform to address an issue tonight. We were at a Maya Angelou poetry reading last night with Fiona Apple. She is so wise. Yeah.

Sarah: We were discussing the ritual torture and senseless slaughters of turkeys in the name of the gluttonous, nationalistic, patriarchal holiday that we call Thanksgiving.

Cinder: Right, and the sickest thing that Fiona told us is apparently that one company has a 1-800 number that gives out cooking tips and recipes encouraging the mutilation and consumption of these beautiful birds!

Sarah: (puts hand on Cinder’s arm) Are you gonna be okay?

Cinder: Yeah… So, um, we wrote a song about it for all the turkeys out there who celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s called “Basted In Blood”.

Stolen from here.