Boy, something has been driving me crazy! It’s been nagging me for weeks, and although I have tried to get over it, I just can’t stop obsessing. I need to do something. I guess the best thing to do is to just get it off my chest by describing it in horrific detail, here on my weblog for the whole world to see.

Psyche! I’m just joshin’ ya. I got nothing worth saying today.

Here’s a photo of my new cat, Edgar.


  1. Cute Kitty! I don’t get the Krackle candy thing…maybe you could explain it?

  2. Those eyes! Soul stealers!

  3. Ah, how cute! I had a kitty that looked just like that!

  4. nice floors.

  5. by the way, what is a dutchie?

  6. dutchie

  7. I see your cheap ploy to get a picture of your cat on your website. I’ve got half a mind to post something in your comments link. Well, not exactly half a mind. Maybe more like 4 ninths of a mind…. maybe less.
    nice cat.

  8. And I thought that I was the only one who was impressed by the floors

  9. nice pussy…

    [some idiot had to say it ;-) ]

  10. cats rule