Non Scents

Apparently Jennifer Lopez is coming out with a new “fragrance” (which is what they call perfume these days, I guess) called Glow by J-Lo. Here’s some others that will follow on its heels.

  • Mince by Prince
  • This Is How You Should Smell by Martha Stewart
  • Texas Tea by G.W.B.
  • Free For The Taking by Winona
  • Affair by Cher
  • I Am Led To Understand That This Has An Agreeable Odor But, Lacking A Nose, I Cannot Vouch For It Myself by Michael Jackson
  • Stink by N*Sync
  • Attack of the Colognes by Lucas
  • Drool by Jewel
  • I Hereby Command You To Purchase This by Oprah
  • Republic of Sudan by Alan Greenspan
  • Stench by Judi Dench