8 thoughts on “Now Showing on Kit-TV

  1. You can’t really see from this photo, but Louie (black & white, on the left) has his paw on the glass. The white spot between his ears is actually the top of his paw as he tries to snag the taunter.

  2. “So, after the door opens, I’ll pretend to chase you up the tree, at which point my buddy here guy will trip you and you’ll drop a nut on his head. If that doesn’t get us on America’s Funniest Animals, nothing will.”

  3. We once had a bird feeder attached to a window in our kitchen. My daughter’s kitten sat for hours in front of that window watching the birds fly to the feeder. We called it “cat TV.”

  4. our cat would do something similar to the bird feeder attached to the window above the couch in our living room. however when she jumped at the window and hit it she then fell a couple feet behind the couch. she never did learn to not launch herself into the glass.

  5. A caption was suggested by a friend of mine.
    And I quote:
    Cat 1: Not another bloody Jehovah’s Witness.
    Cat 2: What freaks me out is how they all look exactly the same.

    thankyou and goodbye.

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