The Bad Review Revue

The Jungle Book 2: “About as pleasant as having my wisdom teeth pulled. ” — J. R. Jones, CHICAGO READER

Shanghai Knights: “Here’s where we we get out the thesaurus and look up synonyms for “garbage.” ” — Mike LaSalle, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

Biker Boyz: “Has the stink of man-musk all over it. ” — Michael O’Sullivan, WASHINGTON POST

Deliver Us From Eva: “Scriptwriters behind Deliver Us From Eva obviously expended all their creative energy on the catchy title and then promptly ran out of steam. ” — Megan Lehmann, NEW YORK POST

How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days: “This is a stupid movie for stupid people. If you’re a stupid person, knock yourself out. Please.” — Gregory Weinkauf, DALLAS OBSERVER