When Goofballs Mate

The Queen: Wow, the kitties love that poultry-flavored hairball medicine I bought.

Me: You’re kidding.

The Queen: Seriously. They hated the last kind, but I just gave them this new stuff and they were, like, purring with happiness. Now they’re all excited and running around the house like a bunch of wild Indians.

Me: Ahem! We do not say “running around like a bunch of wild Indians” any more. These days the correct phrase is “running around like a bunch of wild Native Americans”.

The Queen: Whoops, that’s what I meant to say.

Me: Anyhow, they love the hairball medicine, huh?

The Queen: The Native Americans? Yes, they’re crazy for it.

Me: Hah! Amazing fact — the Native Americans were renowned for using every part of the hairball medicine, leaving nothing to waste.

It may not surprise you to discover that we have conversations like this all the time.