I just received email with the subjectline:

What's a Money Making Cash Cow?

What the hell, is Laffy Taffy sending spam now too?

Contributor of the best punchline in the comments wins a hug.

35 thoughts on “Moo-la?

  1. A Moooo-la-naire!!!
    I hope I don’t have to explain…

    (From a true Laffy Taffy fan.)

  2. You wanna make big bucks? Figure out how to enlarge your neighbor’s penis…

    now hug me, you silly yeti.

    (p.s.: great site)

  3. 1) A cow-nterfeiter

    2) Moo-nicipal bonds

    3) Hugh Heifer

    4) The Federal Res-Hereford

    5) Andrew Carne-gie

  4. – A cow-pitalist

    – A bottom-line bovine

    – A milker bilker

    – A Fort Knox ox

    – A no-net-lossy bossy

    – A lucred moo curd souk herd

    OK, I think that’s about enough. I’m going to go read a cereal box now.

  5. the cow you bought for your bestiality movies.

    not that…i know…how much bestiality movies make…mind you…

  6. Why invest in the cash cow when you can get the milk for free?

    If I win do I get one big hug spread over 20 years or can I take the half-hug payoff now?

  7. Isn’t this the answer to a Jeopardy question?

    “This is a nonsensical title to a typical spam message that will be responded to by people in trailer parks with IQs lower than 75”

    What is “What’s a Money Making Cash Cow?” Alex.

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