After years of forking over $30 every other month so that strangers could make my hair look bad, I finally realized that I could make my own hair look bad for free!. So I picked up some clippers from Target, handed them to The Queen, and told her to go nuts. This is the result. (And, for purposes of comparison, this is what it often looked like before.)

It looks as good (read: not very) as the professional cuts, my shampoo usage has plummeted, and I won’t have to get another cut for months — win-win-win!

I’ll freely admit, though, that I got a little nervous when, in the midst of shaving my head, The Queen started whistling Sinead O’Connor.

28 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. It seems that I meet more and more people who have given up with the hair cutteries and have done the at-home thing — whether using their spouses as cheap labor or actually doing it themselves.

    My wife has been cutting my hair every other month for about a year now. Can’t beat the price!

  2. I still sometimes go and visit my hair lady, who doubles as a low-grade psychoanalyst, but I love being able to cut my own hair with the clippers. Just be careful, tho.

  3. Funny, I’ve been looking to sell my original copy of Deities & Demigods — does yours have the Cthulhu and Melibonean Mythos, or is it a 2nd edition?

    Heh, and you thought you could get through this entry with a substantially lower geek-quotient than normal.

  4. Actually, I don’t own that book — it is inexplicably in my workplace’s lunchroom, and i just grabbed it as a humorous prop for this photo.

    I’ll check on Cthulhu, though.

    Update: Yup, Cthulhu is in there.

  5. In that photo your similarity to Ewan McGregor is really pronounced.

    I do the trimmer thing too, once every two or three months. The only thing you notice is each cut you go down a grade until you are doing it to 1 or 0. It lasts longer that way, and as all the hair is the same length, you get untidy around the neck and ears quickly if you dont cut short. But its been a good choice IMO, the reward of having nice hair isnt worth the trouble, when it looks pretty good cut close anyway. (Especially short hair on the ladies, but that might just be me!)

  6. I cut my own hair and have been doing it for the last few years. Typically I begin by cutting it all off, then every few weeks I give it a touchup. When the ear and neck hair becomes too unruly, I cut it all off again and the cycle repeats.

  7. I’ve been using a Flowbee for the last 3 years. My mother gave it to me as a white elephant xmas gift but it’s quite a money saver!

  8. “Actually, I don’t own that book…”

    Yeah right, we’ve all tried that one my friend.

  9. Kiefer? Ewan?

    No, dude, you resemble Robbie Williams….

    …and Robbie Williams kind of resembles this kid named Steve Rhoton that I used to get in fights with in fifth grade. Yeah….

  10. > “Yup, Cthulhu is in there.”

    That’s not really something you hear every day.

    Incidentally, the Keifer Sutherland cmoparison isn’t terribly inaccurate, but in this photo you look like Keifer Sutherland if he got Ewan McGregor’s role in Trainspotting.

    “Choose life. Choose a career. Choose a starter home. Events occur in real time.”

  11. What is this cutting of the hair you speak of? Bah! Don’t you know that the source of a man’s power is in his hair? To cut the hair is to throw away your vital essence!

    Or at least that’s what I tell my wife whenever she suggests I get a trim…

  12. I’m sorry – (and I am speaking from personal knowledge, experience and beard burns)

    One can NOT be a proper commputer geek without a beard.
    A beard is a source of all things vital essencie….um, yeah that.

  13. Now if you’re REALLY into the DIY hair thing -you should invest in a Flowbee! Now that’s what I call a fine hair-cutting machine.

    Just plug the Flowbee into almost any vacuum and voila! Fantastic hair cut without the mess.

    Now does it get any better than that? No really. I want to know…

  14. I don’t know — I’ve been using a Wahl Trimmer to great effect. My hair is currently stable at just a bit shorter than yours.

    The best part is that I need not ask any Queen to clip — the Wahl makes it fairly easy, and if you’re fearless a few times about doing it and getting a little feedback and then working it over again, you can get pretty good at giving yourself the same damn haircut in ten minutes, every month or so. Cheap, but my hair’s completely intractable anyways. *shrug*

  15. Y’know, the copy of the book with Cthulhu in it often sells for several hundred dollars…

  16. I think he looked cuter the way his hair was in Moulin Rouge………I still like his hair cut though.

  17. I think he looked cuter the way his hair was in Moulin Rouge………I still think his haircut is weird.

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