REO Speedwagon Arrested

Hanson described letters from Speedwagon as “increasingly incoherent.”

REO Speedwagon was arrested today for breaking, entering, and assault, after crashing through the door of an California beachhouse and crawling across the floor in pursuit of Cynthia Hanson, the owner of the home.

Hanson, who filed a restraining order against Speedwagon in April, says she has long anticipated such an incident. "What started out as friendship had grown stronger," she told reporters after the attack. "Recently it always seemed that they were following me -- they couldn't even wander without keeping me in sight."

Authorities believe that Speedwagon approached by water, bypassing the fence in front of the house by bringing a ship into shore. "We have found a boat," confirmed officer Janet Orwant, "although we still haven't located the oars. It's possible that they were thrown away forever."

Said Hanson of the event, "I'm just glad it's over. They were getting closer than I ever thought they might."

This marks the second time an 80s Band has been taken into custody this year, following the February arrest of The Police on charges of stalking.