Bulletproof Your Resume

Today I am The Morning News Non-Expert.


  1. Man, that is really funny. I sent a link to all of my friends who are currently job hunting. Good work!

  2. OMG STFU!

    Do you think if I invoked the mightly and fearsome name of Cthulhu R

  3. i’m not sure my boss would know i was kidding if i put OMG STFU on my resume. i am, in fact, hosting a pre-happy hour party in my cubicle later today…
    crap, maybe i’d better print out your article.

  4. I think I inadvertantly ihaled some coffee while reading that. Very funny. ;)

  5. Jesus, you are funny.

    And my hero.


    that was hillarious. :)

  7. A hilarious resume-writing satire that includes TWO references to “Jabberwocky”! My day is complete!

  8. Jesus, you are funny.

    And my hero.

    Posted by brittney at August 22, 2003 10:40 AM