Draft Clooney Movement Gains Momentum

Four days after its inception, the "Draft Clooney For President" (DCFP) movement has received a groundswell of support from democrats dissatisfied with the 10 candidates currently seeking the nomination.

Martin Morch, DCFP chairman and webmaster of draftclooney.com, initiated the drive Monday after becoming disenchanted with General Wesley Clark. "I was a big Dean supporter before he got all popular, so then I became active in the Clark recruitment. But now I think that George Clooney is what the nation needs. And there's a pretty good chance he's a democrat."

Clooney benefits from the waning of enthusiasm for Clark that followed the general's official announcement of candidacy. "Voters are weary from Clark's non-stop, one week of campaigning," said Joanne Hutter, professor of political science at Idaho State University. "And we've seen his poll numbers plunge since it was discovered that he has 'flaws' and 'positions'. The thrill is clearly gone."

Clooney supporter Kathy Teck agreed. "Clark is so last August." Teck was asked which issue convinced her to back Clooney. "He could totally win," she replied.

In a phone interview, Clooney denied that he was seeking the nomination or had any knowledge of the movement to draft him. In related news, a Reuter's poll of registered democrats had the actor leading all actual candidates by a margin of 22%. DCFP insiders say they are ready to launch draftjustintimberlake.com the moment Clooney declares his intention to enter the race.

13 thoughts on “Draft Clooney Movement Gains Momentum

  1. I totally fell for this.

    In other news, draftclooney.com/.net/.org are all still available if someone would like to take the joke further.

  2. I see a Clooney/Soderbergh ticket for ’04. They can run on a promise to end economic disparity in the US by cancelling the ruinously expensive Solaris investigation.

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