Band of yeti


From: B.
To: Matthew Baldwin
Subject: Defective Yeti band

Hey Matthew My name is B. Well me and my friends started a band recently and we were looking for a name for it. We were at a site andclicked on a link and it took us to your page and we saw defective yeti printed and we thought that was really cool and we really wanted to call our band that..I wasn't sure if that was ok or legal and I was wondering if that works or if we need to find another name...(right now we arent more then a garage/basement band) but we are still unsure. If you could write back that would be good. Thanks and nice website name.


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From: Matthew Baldwin
To: B.
Subject: Re: Defective Yeti band

Hello B. "defective yeti" was originally intended to be my band name, but after a few years of carrying it around in my head I suddenly realized that I had no band. Then I used it for my website instead, the end.

Still, it would be a shame for it not to be used by some band somewhere. So knock yourself out. HOWEVER! There are three conditions:

  1. I can reprint your letter on my site;
  2. If you band ever does a show in Seattle (and is still using the name), you will comp me in to a show;
  3. If your band ever becomes crazy-successful (and is still using the name), you will invite me to the orgiastic celebration that will inevitably follow the announcement that one of your records has gone gold.

Best o' luck. I hope the name treats you as well as it has treated me.

Matthew Baldwin

P.s. I'm saving this email. If you try and welch on any of the above conditions I'm going to totally Judge Judy your ass.