Last Friday. I spent an evening with A.G.H.O.S.T. — the Amateur Ghost Hunters Of Seattle/Tacoma. You can read my report at The Morning News.

A big thanks to Mr. Ross Allison and all the A.G.H.O.S.T. members I met — they were a great group of folks, and I had a fun time. More information about the Amateur Ghost Hunters Of Seattle / Tacoma — including investigation reports, photographs, and membership information — is at http://www.theresaghost.com.

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  1. That story gave me chills. Not about the ghosts, but all the “sensitives” wandering around out there among us!

    Did you notice the date on the tombstone?
    Happy Birthday Baby Monster.

  2. I used to love roaming around grave yards, not because i believe in ghosts, but mostly because they are quiet and peaceful and they do have a certain since of history. One winter, (about 14 years ago) i was roaming around a cemetery with one of the creepier girlfriends I

  3. I’ve always been struck by how readily ghost hunters will accept the information provided by psychics. A.G.H.O.S.T. seems to rely more on technology, but others like Hans Holzer will visit a supposedly haunted location with a psychic, and present her claims of “a strong presence in this room” etc. as irrefutable proof of ghosts. If they’re trying to convince people like me who are disbelievers in both ghosts and psychics, staying a scientific course would be a good idea.

  4. “Sensitives” huh? That’s a pretty interesting term for psychics. I wonder how long it will take for that term to be used in movies?

    Great article by the way, as always.

  5. That was a great article. I’ve always been really interested when reading stories such as yours, yet thoroughly creeped out at the same time. Then again, I’m guessing that’s probably the appeal for most people.

    It seems that everyone either has personally experienced something like what happened to chris, or knows someone who has — true or not, I love hearing them. As for me, I don’t have on myself, but the building I live in now was originally owned by the head of my city’s School of Psychiatric Medicine. He would occasionally have patients staying in the rooms of the building, and what’s more, he used the basement as a makeshift morgue for when they died (all of this is true, it’s been properly documented as he apparently made some medically significant psychiatric findings and was thus important enough to document!) — it seems like only a matter of time before I have a story of my own!

  6. Why would you go through all that trouble if you don’t believe in the possibility of ghosts? Novelty-mongering?

  7. I loved this article, but “clamber” and “clamor” are two different verbs entirely. Sorry. I’m always the one pointing out the crooked tooth on the supermodel.

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