Life In The Fishbowl

My series of Morning News essays taken from my Peace Corps journals continues today with Life In The Fishbowl.


  1. “As many a fish had learned before us, the only thing worse than being in the bowl is abruptly finding yourself on the outside.
    ” Brilliant! Keep these stories coming!

  2. hehe, hence the internet celebrity :D j/k, please regale us with more of your peace corp tales, they’re great!

  3. I lived in Bolivia for six months as part of an overseas post-high-school program in 1996. You are so spot-on with your description of the fishbowl! The story made me laugh, right when I needed a laugh. I’m in South Korea now, teaching English and let me tell you… I’ve re-entered the fishbowl and had forgotten what a mixed blessing it is.

  4. Very funny – I’m looking forward to more krazy hijinks. Aren’t you worried about exhausting your anecdote archive?

  5. From a couple I know who met in the PC (in Honduras): “This piece was absolutely right on target. It really skewered our peace
    corps experience! made jen laugh so hard she cried. it’s all true, every
    word of it.”