Q: What are your strengths?

A: Um. Well, I have great analytical skills and love solving puzzles, so when I’m given a task I will dedicate myself to it until I have it figured out. I’m also very methodical. I don’t take shortcuts — I make a plan and attack a problem step by step, documenting everything as I got. Those are probably my greatest strengths.

Q: Good. So now tell me: what are your greatest weaknesses?

A: Weaknesses? Uhhhh, hmm. Oh, okay, here’s one. When my home world exploded, large chunks of the planet’s crust were infused with radiation and hurled into the depths of the space. Some of these fragments landed on Earth, and, when I find myself in close proximity to one of these stones, I lose my superpowers and become very weak.

Also: I’m a perfectionist.

I totally dog dare you to say that at your next job interview.