Obligatory “Best Of 2003” List

Favorite Movies Seen In The Theater: Return Of The King (Review pending, honest), The Station Agent (ditto), Talk To Her, The Pianist, Kill Bill Vol. 1.

  • Caveat 1: I somehow never got around to seeing Lost In Translation, but I have a hunch that it might have been up there.
  • Caveat 2: Only an exceptional year in fictional movies could keep documentaries off my Top 5. That said, a Top 10 probably would have had Capturing The Friendmans and Spellbound in the 6 and 7 positions.

Most Disappointing Movie Seen In The Theater: The Matrix Reloaded, duh.

Movie That, Had I Seen It In The Theater, Might Have Challenged The Matrix Reloaded For The Title Of ‘Most Disappointing Movie Seen In The Theater’: That would be The Hulk.

Favorite Movies Seen On DVD: About Schmidt, Y Tu Mama Tambien, About A Boy (yeah, I was surprised too).

Worst Movie I Watched The First 20 Minutes Of On DVD: xXx.

Favorite Fiction Books Read: The Hours, Empire Falls, Look At Me.

Favorite Non-Fiction Book Read: The Armchair Economist.

Favorite Album: Give Up by The Postal Service. Predictable but true.

Favorite Game: Age Of Steam.

Stupidest New Trend Witnessed: Drivers talking on their cell phones via “hands-free headsets” while still holding the cell phone in their hand. I have not the words.

15 thoughts on “Obligatory “Best Of 2003” List

  1. If Lost In Translation reprises in the theater around Oscar time, try to see it in the theater. The film’s vision of pastel neon Tokyo has sort of a hallucinatory feel to it that I don’t think would come across on DVD.

  2. Lost in Translation was great – well written, well acted, well filmed, and alkalai is right about the hallucinatory feel of Tokyo. But it is extremely depressing – I wanted to slit my wrists on the way out of the theatre.

  3. Lost in Translation is the winner hands down for best movie of 2003, torsion-boy. I didn’t find it depressing at all. Uplifting actually. The soundtrack is pretty durned good as well.

  4. I think Lost in Translation is fucking badass.

    Hardly ever has a movie haunted me so much–even several hours after stepping out of the theatre. It is, seriously, one of the best films I have ever seen.

  5. Auuuugh, the Pianist! How anything could be more grindingly depressing than that I don’t know. What a brutal film to watch. Maybe because the bad guys lose in the end…

  6. Two of my friends from Japan were talking about Lost in Translation and said it was so good that it made him cry he was so homesick. He said you could smell Japan.

    I haven’t seen it but that seems like a pretty good endorsement to me.

  7. If Japan smells like stale popcorn, then I definitely agree with that.

    I liked Lost in Translation very much, although I didn’t have quite the reaction to it that others here apparently did… I would describe it as “bittersweet” rather than “depressing,” for example.

  8. “Give Up” is an incredible album, just snagged it yesterday. Check out “O” by Damien Rice (my favorite album of 2003) or “Transatlanticism” by Death Cab For Cutie – also great.

  9. I just saw The Hulk on pay-per-view and I didn’t think it sucked. I also saw About a Boy on disc and was mightily, mightily surprised at how good it was. I saw it with my wife and another (female) friend and when I started busting a gut over the Grant character’s fundamental shamelessness, I got the double fish eye. A wildly mismarketed movie.

    Strangely, the Weitzes took their money and cred from the film and approached Michael Moorcock about an Elric movie, and that project is in play.

  10. Re: rhetoric

    Does anyone know what it’s called when person A says “I think I’ll have a cup of chai” and person B menaces with “I’ll chai you!” It’s been bothering me for years.

    Yes, I am the sort of person to be bothered by this.

  11. I occasionally hold my cellphone in my hand in an effort to improve reception–they’re radios, remember. If I’m in an area with poor coverage, holding one upright and facing an antenna can make a difference.

    Oh, and Master and Commander was good, too.

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