Carrier … Or Killer??!

Okay, I made up Yugo To Hell in my last post, but the other two are actual Traffic Safety Film titles that I took from this pdf. Here are some other of my favorites, with the corresponding (and actual) descriptions:

Buckleman!: Buckleman is a fast-paced adventure focusing on the importance of using safety belts. Using his hi-tech belt-gun, Buckleman saves lives and protects the citizens of Buckeye City from his arch-foe, the Heckler.

All The Kids Do It: Dramatizes danger from a teen’s point of view. Directed by Henry Winkler, it stars Scott Baio as Buddy, a high school student and Olympic caliber diver who learns that drinking and driving don’t mix.

Just Like A Car: A musical and somewhat humorous presentation demonstrating how a bicycle is just like a car!

So Long, Pal: Fantasy and humor succeed in breaking down the resistance to treatment that people who have been arrested for driving under the influence often feel.

Gambling With Death: An effective presentation that utilizes the appealing touch of early silent movies in dealing with people’s attitudes about railroad grade crossings.

Uneasy Rider: “Uneasy,” in this case, means special awareness.

I love that last one the best. It’s too bad Traffic Safety Film makers don’t follow the porn industry’s lead and use more titles that are based on popular motion pictures. Then kids would get to see Spinnin’ In The Rain and Driving Miss Daisy While Intoxicated and The Crashed Samurai, or whatever.