Hello Squirrelly


  1. Mazal Tov!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! The fact that you’re going to raise the little fella as your own only doubles my admiration of you.

  4. Ooh! New cat toy!

  5. Wow! You have a baby. And i just got the new Moby album, “Baby Monkey.” We’re both winners.

    Now… you’re not gonna lose your “edge,” are you?

  6. And now it begins! You have your own kid to warp…..do it right! Congratulations.

  7. Oh my god. The Squirrely is here.

    Best of luck to you and your wife and that sweet, sweet new baby. Because I’m thinking that cat might eat him.

  8. You done good.

  9. With a name like “Squirelly,” that kid is gonna get BEAT UP in school. Seriously.


  10. Congratulations to you and the Queen. He’s a good lookin’ fella and I wish you well. Can’t wait for the further adventures of Yeti and Squirelly.. I’m sure he will provide you with years of material.

  11. congratulations to you and hrm the queen! he’s adorable!


    Congratz =)

  13. Aw, congratulations, mazel tov, all that stuff. :) He’s a beautiful child. I hope the queen is recovering nicely.

  14. Congratulations.

  15. Congratulations

  16. hooray! hooray! congratulations to you both. the little guy looks a little shocked at his recent journey, but otherwise totally adorable.

  17. Hooray for Squirrely (newly born)! Hooray for Matthew (now a dad)! Hooray for Queen (all doped up and no longer having to carry watermelon in uterus)!

  18. ohmyGAWD! The cat’s attacking the baby! Someone call the Animal Cops from AnimalPlanet!!!

  19. Squirrelly is beautiful. Congratulations.

  20. Congratulations!

  21. [this is good]

  22. yay for the yeti and da queen! congratulations!

  23. Awesome, now you need to let the cats raise the squirelly as a semi-ferall beast/boy. They can teach it to play in boxes and paw at things.

  24. WOW!! Congratulations!! Welcome to fatherhood! It’s good here.

  25. Awwwww. Okay, now I can start my day happy. Congratulations! I’m sure sleep deprivation will do wonders for your work.

  26. This put a big smile on my face this morning. Congratulations.

  27. …oh, the ensuing hilarity…

  28. Congratulations! He’s a cute little guy.

  29. Mmmmmmm….tasty Squirrelly!


  30. Congrats!!! I have one ETA sept, we can race em!

  31. Congratulations!

  32. Welcome to the begining of the rest of your life. It will never be the same again. Congrats!!

  33. What an adorable little bundle ya got there!

  34. Congratulation, HRM the Q and incidentally Matthew as well!


    1) No one has asked (nor needs to know) The Squirrelly’s real name; if we knew, we’d still say The Squirrelly, so why bother? The Squirrelly Rules!

    2) The Squirrely will probably be the first baby in existence to be playing Games before ever playing with Toys!

  35. *scans thread looking for something slightly different but essentially the same to say*


    It’s particularly pleasing that Squirrely appears to be neither defective nor yeti-like.

  36. Yay for Creature-That-Will-Soon-Do-Chores!

    Best to all of you. Congrats.

  37. Hey, that’s great! Congrats.

    You know what got me after the first one? In a week, the whole pregnancy thing, the foremost thought in your mind for nine months, will be a dim memory. In five years, you’ll be at a cocktail party and will say, “Honey, were you in labor for three hours or was it thirty-three?”

  38. Congratulations!! I look forward to hearing all the baby stories!

  39. Matt, ya done good, laddie! Congrats to the new family. And Dudrless, while the HUSBAND might say “Honey, were you in labor for three hours or was it thirty-three” I am pretty sure most women would remember the specific details, and would likely deck the man that dared to suggest it was forgettable!!

  40. Woo-hoo! He definitely looks like a baby worth waiting nine months for. What are the stats?


    Time to start that college fund! ;p

  42. Congratulations! (And keep an eye on that cat.)

  43. Yay! Attack of the Squirrelly!!

    Congrats to you and the Queen. He’s a cutie.

  44. BEAUTIFUL! congrats matt. i like how squirrely is just chillin while the cat is being an ass. like its saying “dude. back off man, my skull hasn’t fully fused yet.”

  45. congratulations. if you’re anything like who you put forth on your blog (and i’m pretty sure you are), then the squirrely is equally as lucky as you and the queen.

  46. Congratulations. He’s beautiful !!

  47. Congratulations! I hope this doesn’t mean you’re going to go all Lileks on us now…

  48. In that second picture… is the Squirrelly flashing a gang sign? That is one dope baby!

  49. He’s adorable. Congratulations to you both.

  50. Made my day. Congrats.

  51. I think you’re going to make a great daddy!

  52. I am really happy for you, regardless of the fact I don’t know you, I hope that Squirrelly grows to be a happy person

  53. What a sweet heart! Congrats!

  54. Hey, your squirrel looks like a baby human. Might wanna get that checked. Either way, congratulations.

  55. Ah, what can I say that hasn’t already been said in the last 52 comments?
    New cat toy…. hah ah hahahaa.

  56. Yay! You’ve made it to the next phase of project squirrelly. Congratulations!

  57. Hooray!

    Congrats to you and the Queen.

  58. Your Settlers of Catan Opponent Breeding Program is off to a fine start.

  59. Congratulations!

  60. My wife and I have been inexplicably looking forward to your Big Day ever since reading the term “placentasmithing.” Congratulations et al.

  61. Congrats and welcome to the club. Hope you don’t like sleep…

  62. Oh, hooray! Welcome, little person!

    And a whole new avenue of posts to look forward to…

  63. Congratulations! He’s a cute little peanut. Enjoy those little baby grunts and squeaks while they last–they grow up fast and furious.

  64. Congrats to the Queen for all the hard work. And you for your part in the whole affair! I’m sure the squirrely’s progress will be keenly documented on this site. That way, there will specific reasons to resent the old man during the teen years. Yay!

  65. Awww. My eyes got all wet, and I’m not even drunk.

    Beautiful, beautiful baby. Congratulations!

  66. In the 2nd pic, he looks like his plans for subjugating the humans are coming together nicely. The envenomed claw that we saw in the womb seems to be hidden in the pictures. Congratulations!

  67. Congrats. He is the cutest new born I have ever seen.

  68. Suppose you’ll have him start a blog, pronto.

    The first two entries should be:

    “Day 1: Still tired from the move.”

    “Day 2: Everyone talks to me like I’m an idiot”

    Good luck, we send along a lifetime’s worth of prayers and dreams with the hope that you’ll enjoy the amazing ride.

  69. Congratulations! I’ve been checking anxiously for days – he’s a cutie and I wish you and your wife all the best.

  70. I think you watched those LotR movies a bit too much while Squirrely was in utero, I swear those are the beginnings of elfish ears.

    Congratulations to you both, and apologies to the cat!

  71. Way to go Matt! He looks aboslutely positively nothing like you…better start watching the mail and milk-men ;)

  72. Wow! That was fast!
    How long was the labor?

  73. Congrats. Cute baby. Thanks for posting the pictures. Kind of bizzare how the picture of a baby of someone I don’t know (but have followed their blog) can make me all warm inside! :-)

  74. awwwwww

    Geez, talk about a face to tweak your reptilian hindbrain and make you go BABY! BABY BABY BABY!

    So, do you have the urge to stand guard by the Squirrelly and defend him from everything ever?

    When my brother called me to announce that I was an Aunt, all he had to say was “We have a girl. She’s perfect.”

    That was it. She is.

  75. Congrats! Thanks for posting the pics, made my day.

  76. Congratulations and cute pictures of the squirrel-yeti.

  77. Congratulations on the new arrival.

    We have a nine month old and a cat, and if your experience is anything like ours, the two will just avoid each other for about six months, at which point the baby will want nothing more than to grab and pat (read hit) the kitty.

  78. Congratulations!

  79. Details! I want details!

  80. Supah Congratulations!!!!

  81. nice buzz cut :)

    and congratulations

  82. Dammit, I am NOT gonna look through all the other congratulatory notes just so I can see if I’m being original. So I’ll be decidedly UNoriginal:


    (The first four are always the hardest.)

  83. The Squirrelly Prince has finally arrived! Congrats to both you and Queen. Naturally, I am available to help you with Seattle-area errands if you find yourself in need.

  84. Good job, guys.

    1) Don’t let the cat get face level with the Squirrely. Don’t let the Squirrely get face level with the cat. My six-year-old still has an eensy-beensy scar on her left cheek from the day I forgot this rule. My guilt, however, will remain until I am COLDSTIFFANDDEAD.

    2) Practice saying: “Use gentle touch with the cat.” You will need this in about six months, and keep needing it until about 24 months. (You will also be saying “Use gentle touch with the Queen” and “Use gentle touch with the Yeti” around this time, too.)

    3) Cat will decide the baby was NOT the most stupid thing you two have done in your collective lives about the time Squirrely is big enough to scoop dry food into the bowl. (Say, about three years.)

  85. Looks like I’m the first to ask if you actually got to cut the cord?

    Squirrely, you were close, but you missed the special Leap Year birthday. Maybe a sibling will have better luck in 4 years.

  86. phone home
    phone home

  87. Congrats Matthew! Congrats The Queen! HELLO Squirrely!

  88. Aw. :D

  89. Yea! Congratulations! What a cutie pie. And that’s not hair, just a bunch of cat scratches. Ouch.

  90. President Josiah Bartlet: So, what did you learn?
    Toby Ziegler: Babies come with hats.
    — “The West Wing” episode #175323, “Twenty Five”

    Congrats, dude.

  91. Congratulations! You must be so happy to have a healthy, beautiful child.

  92. congratulations!

  93. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for all three of you. A new edition to la familia Yeti.

    He’s got hair! And look at that expression on his face…like: “Hurry it up man! I’ve got stuff to do.” He looks so smart and aware.

    Can’t wait to hear more…

  94. Matt,

    I’m convinced this is merely a stunt to push your comment meter into triple digits… it appears to be working.

    Many, many congrats to you and Squirrely’s Mom. You’re a lucky man today. He’s beautiful little guy. You two look great together.


  95. Darnit! Missed the 29th by only a few days!

    Seriously tho, hope the new one starts sleeping through the night soon! And may the Queen heal quickly and be stretch mark free =)!

  96. I often quote Lycurgus of Sparta when my friends breed but in this case your kids too damn cute. Congratulations.


  97. To: Squirrelly

    Don’t panic.
    We call it Earth.

  98. When are you posting the birthing video?

  99. Congratulations!
    I’m a daily reader. I have one of my own with another on the way. Ain’t they great?
    Peter (Australia)

  100. Congratulations – You have a beautiful little Squirrely. The fun has just begun for both of you! I can’t wait to read your parenting commentary!

  101. Ohhh Matthew!! Congratulations to you and The Queen!

  102. so, has anyone congratulated you yet?

    happy happy days to the entire yeti family

  103. *imminent demise of the defyet predicted*

    Good on you, matt.

  104. Go team!

  105. Congratulations… be sure to do everything in your power to make him as mildly insane as you are.

  106. wow….that baby’s actually cute….and trust me i dont like babies…

    haha….now the REAL fun begins

    congrats and good luck!

  107. Squirrely: years from now you will be mad at your old man for something and he’s going to show you today’s entry and he’s going to say something like this: “I could have posted pictures of you naked, but did I? No.”

    And you will owe him, big time.

  108. You’re Yoda’s father? How cool is that…..

    Health and interesting times to all.


  109. You have joined a club that you never imagined even existed.


  110. As they say here in Japan: “Goshussan omedetou gozaimasu!” Congratulations on your new baby from Tokyo!

  111. wow!

  112. Your baby is almost ugly. That will probably get better.

  113. I am a recent fan, relatively new to blogging and have thoroughly enjoyed every word I have read on your site, definitely looking forward to the yeti-daddy diaries. Mazel tov!

  114. Congrats on the live birthing. You & the wife are brave, brave people.

  115. Congrats! Though he’s a little more marmot than squirrel….

  116. ooh, way cute! I like how the cat got the kid’s cap off and discarded it at the edge of the crib before going after the head.

  117. Congratulations! And perfect timing with Lost In Translation. Good luck…

  118. Booyah! the Yeti has a furless version of a squirrel.

    Congratulations man! it can only get even better from this point on.

  119. Ummm … catnip

    Congratulations!!! from a long time fan. Much joy and happiness to you three on your new adventure.

    ps Please ignore the person that asked you to post the birthing video.

  120. congrats… so cute. Happy birthday squirelly

    and the cat just wants to say hi!

  121. Gratul

  122. Congrats

  123. :)

  124. Congratulations ! So far, the Queen did the hard work, now it’s your opportunity to share it.

    My whises for a fast recovery to her.

  125. Congrats Matt! Now you will have a whole new inspiration and basis for funny musings. Steven Wright said “Boycott shampoo, demand the real poo!” but you are about to find out what the real poo really is.

  126. Is that thing real?

  127. May I temporarily de-lurk to say, nice one. Your baby’s much anticipated arrival has made my day. I’m thinking your day/week/year/life has been pretty much made too.

    Looking forward to all the details…

  128. Congrats!

    That is the cutest, sweetest, best looking, most irresistibly cute cat I’ve ever seen!!! Oh and the baby’s kinda cool too.

  129. Cool. I hope you have a lot of fun. You seem like a really nice guy. Many congratulations to all three of you.

  130. Woohoo! Cute! Congratulations…you’re in for some fun times now!

  131. Lots of little awww hearts all across the page! Mazel Tov!

  132. Congratulations to you and the queen. Squirrely has an inquisitive look on his face… prolly wondering what’s going on :) Very cute!
    I wish y’all all the best.

  133. Hurray! Congratulations!

    Finally, someone you’ll be able to crush at every board game you choose…at least until Squirrelly learns to move his own pieces.

  134. Congrats!

  135. congratulations on such a beautiful squirrel!

  136. Congratulations!

  137. Awesome! Let the good times roll.

    P.S. Buy diapers by the case – it saves trips to the store.

  138. Re the third picture: Congrats to you and your wife. He’s very cute.

    The baby’s not bad either.

    P.S. I’m KIDDING! The baby’s adorable.

  139. Congrats, Matthew!

    (Don’t worry, they all look like that)

  140. Congratulations!!! What a cutie!!

  141. Aw…the little alien is adorable! His furry troublemaker sidekick is pretty cute, too. *sigh* All kinds of adorable cuteness everywhere.


  142. Congratulations.! Cute kid; I recognize that blanket.

    Q: how did you find time to post? We had The Monkey 4am Monday morning, and I could barely manage to email the headline from the cellphone.

  143. Congratulations!
    What a gorgeous little man! So alert! He looks like two barrels of fun. Kitty’d better watch out.

  144. So cute! And really does look like a little button squirrely. Congratulations! Beautiful.

  145. Well, it’s already been said about 120 times, but…


  146. There’s clearly some kind of cat mind control going on in the last photo. You’d better give El Squirrely a tinfoil hat and put bronze mesh around his crib. Filters out all those electromagnetic waves on the, um, cat frequency. Very. Harmful. And of course, many congrats.

  147. let me add my AWWWWWWW! The yetiette is so precious ;) Congratulations.

  148. Mazel Tov, Matthew! I hope the three of you bring each other joy and happiness always!

  149. congratulations on your offspring!

  150. congratulations on the baby yeti!

  151. beautiful.


    cat is all about the love.

  152. my daughter is now 8 months old. seeing your pictures took me back to the recovery suite.

    much joy. they sleep a lot at first…you’ll think to yourself, “hey, this is easy!”…then they wake up…

    …and crawl.

  153. Lose the cat – that kitty wants to attack the baby.
    My moneys on the kid to take out the cat, btw.

  154. Congratulations!

  155. Congrats!

  156. Many congratulations to you and the queen.

    Sat goodbye to sleep for the next few years…

  157. Congratulations!

    Definitely biy diapers by the case. Wipes too.

    Newborn babies are sadists (in about a week–give or take–you will see what I mean), I hope you stockpiled on sleep. :-)

  158. Aw. So cute. I wish you the best of luck.

    You know that the stuff they poop in the first week isnt really poop. Its the stuff that was in the kid to begin with, Meconium I think its called, and its a blackish goo. Anyway, there’s usually a lot of it that come out and boy! does that stuff stain!

    Keep a look out for it. Best wishes.

  159. Congrats to all 3 of you.

  160. All hail the new King, King Squirrelly! Congratulations to you, Matt and to the Queen! I’ve been squirrelly-enhanced for 12 years now and it has been a blast! Hope you’re caught up on all the movies you’ve been wanting to see, cause it’s gonna be a while before you get to the next one. Keep posting, please!

  161. Oh, such an adorable face! Welcome, Squirrely. This life thing can be fun. Especially if you sleep a lot at night, eat quickly without hurting your mom, and laugh a lot as soon as you can.

    Congratulations, Yeti and Queen. May your Squirrely be an easy, laid-back newborn who grows into a delightful person.

  162. Congratulations! Wonderful little face (the baby’s)!

  163. congratulations, you have a beautiful baby!
    welcome squirrely!

  164. That darn cat! And that sweet sweet baby. Congrats!

  165. Congratulations!

  166. First post!

    I mean, uh, congratulations!

  167. Squirrelly is absolutely beautiful. He is what you imagine when you think of a beautiful baby boy! Congradulations!!! Keep the cat AWAY!!!

  168. congratulations, i can’t spell. sorry.

  169. long live the Squirrily minion!!!

  170. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Yeti, and Welcome to the Squirrelly!

  171. happy happy
    joy joy
    kitty kitty
    no no

  172. Congratulations!

  173. Wonderful pictures. Congratulations!

    Love him mightily.

  174. WHAT A CUTE BABY!!!!!!!

  175. Hes cute. Don’t feed him crack. He’ll turn out like me and surf blogs of people he’ll never meet in real life. Congrats

  176. New parents go through an inner change.

  177. Kiss this site goodbye! That baby is going to take up ALL your time!

  178. A casual, “hm, I wonder if the yeti’s posted” turned into a complete gasp of surprise.

    WOW!!! It came! That is just…wow!

  179. Blimey! I take a week off, come back to check if anything’s going on and the Squirrelly’s turned up!! Hello Squirrelly!!

    Congratulations to you, the Queen, and of course, the cat. ;)

  180. Congrats! He’s beautiful!

    I’ve got this feeling we’re not going to see you posting for a bit…

  181. Congrats! He’s beautiful!

    I’ve got this feeling we’re not going to see you posting for a bit…

  182. i’m a big fan of yours – congratulations on the baby – i’m sure your comments will be better than “baby blues” :)

  183. I’d like to take this opportunity to offer you some child-raising advice:

    When choosing a tattoo, try to find some original artwork first, because if you bring him into the tattoo parlor unprepared, you will end up with some generic “flash art” that will look terribly tacky in just a few years.

  184. congratulations! auguri! the squirrel is just as cute as dooce’s frog!

  185. Hello Squirrelly/Goodbye DY

  186. Yay! Woot! Etc!

  187. congrats to all four of you (but keep on eye on the black furry one)!

  188. Congratulations! Enjoy this, and every perfect moment.

  189. Welcome to my world. They stop crying after a few years.


  190. Congratulations!

  191. It looks like the comments page has become the most regularly updated section of DY, 6 days and nary a new entry to the site… come on man! bringing up a squirel isn’t that hard…

    also congratulations.

    (this above 190 posts could come together to make some good scrapbook gubbins)

  192. Mister Kitty has a new plaything! Congratulations on teh squirrelly coming into being :D

  193. Congrats Matt!

  194. Warm congratulations and best of luck to you guys. I wish we were there in Seattle to help/laugh. But since we’re not, I’ll give you some advice from afar: take good care of the Queen, and get out of the house (all three of you) as much as you can. Welcome to the world SB!

  195. Okay, you’ve spent enough time with the family. More Yeti!

  196. congrats yeti. the squirrelly is amazing. totally freaking amazing. you and the queen are very lucky.

  197. Congrats Yeti and happy squirrelling…

  198. Late, but heart-felt, congrats!

  199. Yay! Congrats! Best wishes to your little family. (BTW – isn’t it cool saying “We’re a family” those first few days?) Babies are precious – and seem to be little temporal anomalies. Time starts acting really wacky around them – so fast some days and so slow others.

    Enjoy the little one – and don’t worry about updating the site. I think you have something just a *little* more important now! ;) And when you find time to post – if this blog turns into something similar to Lileks – so what? I love his stuff. I’ll still look forward to your blog – whatever it contains! Again, Congrats!

  200. I’ll add my good wishes to make it an even 200!

  201. My baby Rebecca and yours have the exact birthdate. Congrats and hope you can still find time for gaming and sleeping.

  202. Best wishes.

  203. Congrats!

    If your parenting experience is anything like mine we can expect the next ‘blog update in +/- 5 years? But don’t worry – priority one will from now on be your child.

  204. congradulations!

  205. New tagline for Defective Yeti:

    “All Sqirrelly! All The Time! (At least until I update!)”

  206. Hey relax people!!! I am sure he will update DY just as soon as he gets more then 3 hours consecutive sleep… see you all in six months.

  207. Congratulations!

  208. I just realized that squirrely was born on MY BIRTHDAY!!!
    Well, I guess I can share it.

  209. I got some bad news for you. Yout wife’s cheating on you. That baby is way to cute to be yours :-)

  210. yalls weirdos