Books: Never Threaten To Eat Your Co-Workers

Wow, this Best of the Blogs book is pretty good! In fact, I’ll go out of a limb and say that of all the books I have reviewed here on defective yeti, it’s the one I am the most in.

But don’t let my staggering lack of impartiality dissuade you from buying several dozen copies. After all, my posts only comprise, like, 1/300th of the text. The bulk of the book is made up of entries from a bevy of my favorite blogs, such as Choire Sicha and Dooce and What’s The Fuss. (The only bummer about being in a book with Choire and Heather and Mrs. Kennedy is that the book is not erotica.) And I’ve had these sites on my sidebar since forever, right? So, in a sense, it’s as if I endorsed this book way before it became wildly inappropriate for me to do so.

Plus, it’s got Wil Wheaton in it, the guy who was in that one movie you saw that one time! And if this book sells really well maybe they’ll turn it into a movie and cast Wil Wheaton in the role of me, although I guess he would be busy playing the part of himself unless they got another actor to play the part of Wil Wheaton, maybe George Clooney, which would be totally cool because I’ve always wanted to be in a movie with George Clooney, except I guess I wouldn’t technically be in the movie since Wil Wheaton would be playing … okay, now my head kind of hurts.

In summary: purchase!