12 thoughts on “Coming This November

  1. I personally was hoping for a Pulp-fiction type Bush vs Kerry thing. But it was pretty funny as is.

  2. I had thought that up in Creative Writing class and made the picture. I sent it to you, Mr baldwin, but I don’t know if you got it. It had been changed since mine, but still the same concept. Anyhow… Yours is better. Yeah, so… It was funny. If mine got to you, kudos.

  3. How to look like a weirdo: Laugh out loud, by yourself, in a coffeehouse.

    Thanks, Matthew. Good stuff.

  4. Another novel in the series could be how a president rescues Nixon’s old limousine, completely restores it, and it does scary stuff like running the Kazakh ambassador off the road.

    Yeah, that’d be cool.

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