The Squirrelly had his two-month check-up today. (I know! Two months! It seems like only yesterday he was 59 days old…) He’s as healthy as a, uh, healthy as a hornet’s nest, or whatever the clich

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  1. No offense to the Queen, but I see a bit of the Yeti coming out in him. And my motto for years has been “extraordinarily average”.

  2. I’m impressed! I love the use of percentiles for babies–one of the few times someone can gloat (absurdly) because they weigh a lot.

    My baby was huge at birth and I sort of cringed a little at people’s exclamations: “Wow! Our baby is a month old and doesn’t weigh that much!” Etc.(Mainly because it reminded me of how much I ate my last trimester.) But now that we’re in percentiles I just pretend my baby is above average–more is better.

    I LOVE the picture where his eyes are so big. He’s adorable! Please keep posting those photos.

  3. After thinking about this for, like, five whole minutes, I feel the need to post. At his two month check-up, wouldn’t the day before have felt like 59 days?

  4. Squirrelly may be extraordinarily average but in my book he is the Perfect Yeti!

  5. Awwwwwwwww. I think the word you are looking for here is “ka-oot!” Except for that one on the bottom left–large eyes with red centres? That’s more possessed. But, you know, in a cute sort of way.

  6. Squirrelly is cuuuuute.

    My son was 11 pounds at birth and was 24 inches tall…a normal birth to normal sized parents, but the largest baby ever delivered at the Torrejon Air Base hospital (at least back in 1976). Our first child wieghed in at 10 pounds and 24 inches so I quit after two….

  7. **Pedantry alert***
    Never really understood any of this, but aren’t those odds of 1/10000 only valid if the two things (weight and length) are independent of each other?

  8. He is adorable. :-)

    Our daughter is (or was, last we were at the ped) in the 25th percentile for height. The ped tried to reassure me that with: “hey, at least there are four babies that are shorter than her out there”. I’m not worried, it just means she takes after me in height. :)

  9. Ummmm… I weighed 11lbs 4oz. when I was born! In my books, he’s waaaay behind. However, in my mother’s books, I suspect I am the spawn of Satan and he would be an angel.

    Actually, I gotta agree, puny, but cute as hell.

    David :)

  10. I once had to have an ultrasound on my ovaries, and the report came back saying they were “grossly normal in appearance.”

  11. He is also extraordinarily beautiful! Or, um, is it OK to say beautiful for a by? I think so – especially in this case. I love the smile picture. He’s already ahead of the curve – they usually don’t start smiling until 3 months. A sure sign of intelligence. :)

  12. Hey Matthew. Congratulations on the baby. I’ve been reading your site for a few months now and I just wanted to say, “You crack me up, dude.” I check in maybe once a week or so, but I can always count on a good laugh.

    Good luck with the squirrely. Just wait ’til he gets mobile.

  13. Just wait ’til he gets mobile.

    No kidding. My son just came back from California with a white wolf. He’s threatening to breed her with a Samoyed and give me one of the pups.

  14. Please excuse a completely childless ignoramus, but what is this ‘percentile’ thing, and how do they figure it out?

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