Three Items That Have Pretty Much Nothing In Common

  1. Seattleites! Here’s a Excel spreadsheet listing Happy Hours of local watering holes. Don’t say I never gave you nuthin’.
  2. New fathers! Whoa, Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook For New Fathers is a great, great book. When I saw it at the library I almost left it behind because it looked too jokey, but it actually turns out to one of the most useful new parent guides I’ve read thus far. New papas: read it; new mamas: pick it up for the spouse. For more info check out this review from Daddy Types.
  3. People who have just taken drugs! This is perhaps the most mesmerizing animated gif of all time.

21 thoughts on “Three Items That Have Pretty Much Nothing In Common

  1. oooh, that really is good. my computer is crap and it took a while to load that. as i was watching it move frame by frame i found my self literally on the edge of my seat, wondering if the little discs would go through the holes…

    yes, its coffee time

  2. Do you want additions? For example there’s Rosebud on Cap Hill and their happy hour is, I think 6-11 every day. I can also name a bunch of other bars on Cap Hill that you’re missing, but of course I don’t know their happy hours…

    You should team up with these guys and get a comprehensive list going.

  3. Hmm. Nothing in common except they occured in sequence to a new father, obviously trying hard to do well in this new role (hence the book), and harder to reorder the parts of his brain that are bouncing like pachinko balls as he attempts to restore former thought patterns. Which of course, is useless; they’re gone for good. And that’s a good thing.

    There are a couple other good books for new fathers, but only a couple. Armin Brott books (Expectant Father, New Father…) are pretty good. Most of the rest are hopelessly New Age, obsessively religious, or infatuated with the image of Phys Ed teachers changing diapers. Ugh.

    Thanks for the tip on the book and Can you recommend any other fathering websites or forums suitable for Dads who don’t find devoted parenting and relentless cynicism mutually exclusive?

    Keep up the great work.

  4. Your spreadsheet is astounding. Wow. I sure wish I lived in Seattle. But I wonder about you now.

    The funny thing is that neither I nor my husband can figure out why about 95% of the mommy things are not just ‘parent things’ or can’t count as daddy things. There’s so much crap to know–but the books expect only the mom to know it. When we read ‘What To Expect’ we laugh but are also annoyed about how the mother seems to be the only one who is around until about 4 pages where the father is consoled by the book for feeling jealous…

    But this is what you get when you have a lazy good for nothing wife like me–You have to read the mommy books, too. When our baby cries I always say to my husband: WHY IS SHE CRYING!? And he always has a theory of some kind. The Queen’s probably better at that stuff and you can coast in as dad.

  5. >

    At first I was like, oh neat, someone did an animated version of the “point a videocamera at its own monitor” thing. But then I watched it…and I noticed…the frame. Oh, God, the frame…Why is it?…How is it?…Someone please stop him.

  6. Great spreadsheet but you left out one of the best: Casualita’s on Western and Vine. $1, $2, and $4 caribbean appetizers during happy hour. conch fritters–mmmmmm.

  7. I hope you don’t mind, but I linked to your spreadsheet in the Seattle community on LiveJournal. It got a wonderful response, but several people noted that (a) their favorite bar was missing and/or (b) some of the specials were out-of-date. Would you mind if I made a copy of the spreadsheet for regular updating? I’d host it on my own server and give you credit for the idea and the design. Alternatively, would you rather receive information so you could update it yourself? I think it’s a great quick reference but it would be awesome if more of my favorite bars [read: more bars in The Swish Alps, i.e. Capitol Hill] were listed.

    Also, just so my very first comment isn’t totally insulting, I love your website and I read it all the time. :)

  8. No room for comments up above hence here re: beer. Kerry / Bush / beer – is it at all similar to your country’s abortion debate? (Am in UK hence confusion).

  9. Lava Lounge has happy hour from 4-7, and on Fridays they bring in free taquitos from Mama’s restaurant next door. Also, there’s shuffleboard. Sweet, sweet shuffleboard. So now you know.

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