Tricks Of The Trade

The Tricks Of The Trade article is now running at The Morning News.

A huge “thank you” to the hundreds (!!) of people who responded to my call for occupational secrets. Narrowing it down to 30 was tough, and I hope to post all the suggestions here in the near future. Again, sorry about the lack of names in the piece — since 75% of the ones I chose were submitted as “Anonymous” we decided to run them all unsigned. I also shortened some, and, since they were all submitted in different tenses (past, present, subjunctive) and persons (first-, second- and third-person), I reworded most for uniformity of voice — I hope no one is irritated by my heavy editorial hand. (Is it obvious how guilty I feel for altering your submissions?)

By the by, someone started a Metafilter thread on this topic, and more great tricks are being posted over there.

Again, thanks to everyone who wrote in. I have the best readers ever.

25 thoughts on “Tricks Of The Trade

  1. I’m going to assume you didn’t use my babysitting tricks because your readers are usually over the age of 13.

  2. I’ve heard the PEBCAK (or PEBKAC) one before, but ran across the other day tech support folks referencing a “ID-ten-tee” problem source — which sounds pretty technical, but which when written down (ID10T) is right in the same ballpark.

  3. What I think is humorous is that all the advertisements I have on the Morning News Site are directly related to the Balloon Twisting Advice. I guess butchers and box-flatteners just don’t have the web presence.

    But which of the ones you used, matthew, was your favorite tip of the trade?

  4. Neat and interesting list. Designers should be careful with the Graphic Design tip. In many cases, the client will ignore the obvious mistake and go for something else. Then you’ve still got to fix something you like and your stuck with something you don’t.

  5. ya, ID10T is decent, but i think is a bit too obvious. especially with that style of speak being used so much in spam. How often to you see
    V1AGRA and C1AL3S, and so forth so it can get through your spam blocker?

  6. Excellent article – kudos for the idea. I frequently contract with architects and designers peddling their renderings…to be called ‘colorings’ from this point on.

  7. That was probably the best thing I read in years. Would you *please* consider finding a willing publisher and compiling more of these into a small book?

  8. I literally just saw the Juggler “miss the impressive-but-not-difficult closer” trick in action in Whistler 2 weeks ago. They augmented it by going on and on beforehand about how difficult a trick it was, and how many times one of the guys missed it last time they tried it. The audience was putty in their hands.

  9. ID-10-T is the one you can *say* in front of the user, such as if you’re calling another tech to get them to dig up a replacement foot-pedal or cupholder.

    The TMN story was stellar. If you have enough material, a sequel would be great, a series greater.

  10. Great article! I thought of one and forgot to submit it but then I’m embarassed to tell the trick of my trade. It’s so cheap!

  11. I can’t believe you made an article completely out of your reader’s suggestions (just like Scott Adams does). GET BACK TO WORK!!!!

  12. Dude—

    This was the trick set of questions on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell me this weekend. Dr Ruth tried to answer them.

    I was feeding the baby and called to my husband that the questions sounded awfully familiar!!


  13. I heard that, too, on Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me! They specifically reference the article in Morning News. They used the clown one (althought they didn’t mention that the word changes every year). I couldn’t hear the other two because I was driving and it was right when I started losing reception on that channel :(. I did hear enough through the static to realize that Dr. Ruth didn’t get any of them right, though :).

  14. Pete, you didn’t happen to be driving through Rifle, CO on the I-78 highway when you heard it this afternoon, were you? Because that’s where I was and I too started losing reception. ;)

  15. Great list! I’m with Jonathan in hoping to see it released in book form. By the way, another alternative to PEBKAC or ID-ten-T is “ESO Error,” which is an abbreviation of “Equipment Superior to Operator” and works for anything from those darn broken PC cupholders to vcr clocks and programmable coffee makers.

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