The Bad Review Revue

Alien vs. Predator: “Take a wretched premise. Imagine the worst picture that could be made from it. Then imagine something even worse. That’s Alien vs. Predator.” — Mick LaSella, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

The Brown Bunny: “An excruciatingly embarrassing display of ego and ineptitude.” — Jim Fusilli, WALL STREET JOURNAL

Suspect Zero: “It’s not easy to make a thriller that’s both incredibly convoluted and intensely boring, but director E. Elias Merhige scores on both counts.” — Ethan Alter, TV Guide

Yu-Gi-Oh!: “A shabby, joyless, 90-minute slab of advertainment.” — M. E. Russellt, PORTLAND OREGONIAN

Superbabies: “So bad there will be drinking games set around viewing it someday.” — Michael O’Sullivan, WASHINGTON POST