No Draft If Bush Reelected Say Officials

Seeking to assuage fears amongst young Islamic extremists, top Al Qaeda officials vowed that the draft will not be reinstated if George W. Bush remains president of the United States. "We don't see the need, frankly, given the debacle in Iraq, the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, and the rising tide of anti-Americanism around the globe," said Al Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman Khayr at a press conference today. "A second Bush term should ensure ample recruits for our cause, and allow us to continue to fighting the War For Terror using an all-volunteer jihad." Khayr also cited the wide variety of terrorist organizations that have now joined forces in opposition to US policies, and expressed confidence that, if given four more years, Bush would continue to serve as a uniter, not a divider.

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  1. “Leaving the country solely because your chosen canidate lost by a reasonably small number of votes (what was it 3%? 51/49?) sure does make you _look_ petulant and ridiculous. You may have perfectly valid reasons for going, but most of the people I’ve heard talking that way have been, well, whiny at best.”

    If it were as simple as our candidate losing, then it would be petulant. However, this election was much more than Bush vs. Kerry… this was the fundamentalists and religious right vs. those who believe freedom is precious and morality can’t be legislated. (And don’t even get me started on the rich getting richer, the war that shouldn’t be, the danger to the environment posed by the current administration, and the lack of foreign diplomacy skills needed for someone who’s put in charge of running the Presidency.)

    And yes, it was realitstically a close election (even though the right seems to want to play it up as a sweeping victory) in the Presidential race, the House/Senate races and the 11 amendments that passed overwhelmingly in each of those 11 states made clear the fact that the majority of the country wants the government to control their lives and keep tabs on their morality. Those of us who prefer to live in a free society – warts and all – don’t feel like we belong anymore.

    I will say to anyone thinking about moving, please don’t. We need you now more than ever. With a little education (doesn’t anyone else notice that the blue states have higher concentrations of educated folks?) we could still manage to get some ideas through… stay and fight. If all the freethinkers leave, we will definitely be the minority.

    And for the record, the Alexander Fraser Tyler quote is most likely bogus. It was widely circulated in 2000 but was attributed to a slightly different piece of writing. Snopes could, of course, have it wrong, but here you go anyway:

  2. Kevin, if you were talking about Rwanda or the Sudan, or any other country with genocide or death squads, yes you should flee. You’re not talking about those types of countries. The USA is in no way a “bad country”.

    Mr. Richards, last time I checked, a “truly leftist government” would be completely socialist. I think it’s a good thing that there would be a faction who would legally obstruct what such a government would want to push down people’s throats.

    “Which is also why it is important (this is directed at Dr. Apocalypse) to recognize the reality of the American political spectrum. It DOES matter that Clinton is to the right of centre internationally, because this illustrates just how far to the right America is, and that is very relevant to predicting the evolution of the American political landscape.”

    My apologies, but I fail to see why this is important. I feel it’s unfortunate that many other countries have saddled themselves with extreme leftist governments, but that is (at least for some of them) their choice.

    If you wish to continue this, please e-mail me.

  3. In reality, neither a far left or far right Government is good for our country or our liberties.

    The cornerstone of US government is checks and balances. With both houses and the presidency controlled by a party working in lock-step on an agenda, those checks and balances fade.

    We are best served by one house controlled by one party, the other by another and the presidency shifting every 4 years. This becomes even more healthy if a large dose of independants are introduced into both houses.

    The staggered power is important as it forces compromise, compromise opens dialog and dialog creates cooperation between members of the opposing parties.

    Bills take longer to pass, but are generally far more moderate and usually reflect the will of the people rather than special interests.

    The time is now to begin campaigning for seats in both houses to restore balance. Now the US is like a bi-polar off their medicine, swinging into a wildly manic state.

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