defective yeti’s Excrement Adventure

I knew that fatherhood would involve poop. I had no idea of how much, of course. If I had, I might never have signed on for this gig.

Parenting tip:
Eggshell = healthy,
Sunny Lime = sick.

But you get use to it — blas

18 thoughts on “defective yeti’s Excrement Adventure

  1. You know what totally smells like poop and I never realized it until I became a parent? Popcorn. The other day I was sitting with some people and became convinced that one of them was farting and then realized I was smelling the bag of popcorn they were eating.

  2. god you’re fucking brilliant. you need to have your own latenight talk show. Re place Conan when he takes over Leno, seriously.

  3. My diaper issue was that, in general, I have a horrible sense of smell. Peaches, flower, perfume, all of them are barely discernable to me. However (or should I say “butt”), poop is one smell that I can detect better than the average person. So, after decades of not smelling much of anything, suddenly I was assaulted on a regular basis by my darling daughter’s excretions.

    Ahh, the joys of fatherhood.

  4. That’s so funny! Just today I was using the ladies restroom at work and all I could think of were dirty diapers. The bathroom didn’t stink in the least (of poop, anyway) then I realized it was the lysol disinfectant spray. You know, the one that daycares and pre-schools everywhere use to ‘sanitize’ with. Especially for spraying down the changing table.

  5. Nether regions, not neither regions. as you have in this sentence “I’ve caught a whiff of some emanation from The Squirrelly’s neither regions”

  6. Spelcheq: Yeah, but what a brilliant sentence it is! Why nitpick…

    Matthew: It’s a bit strange but I don’t find myself being as poop-wise as you are. Yes, I’ve had the traumatic moments–often caused by her drive to crawl, crawl, crawl! at every moment even before mom hasn’t quite finished the job.

    But perhaps my husband is doing more of the changing. I think he cried a little the day she first ate solid food.

  7. Believe it or not, I work for one of the major infant formula manufacturers and our scientists actually do have poop color cards, similar to paint color samples, that they use for referencing the effect of ingedient changes during clinical trials. I put a call in to see if the colors had those cool paint sample names, like “sunny lime.” If not, I’ll nominate you to name them.

  8. Scotty–that’s really strange but somehow unsurprising. ‘Sunny Lime’ is a good name but don’t they usually have these exotic names like “Tahoe Green” or whatever? My friends unfortunately painted their living room a color that they will soon discover exactly match newborn baby poop as they are expecting.

  9. i am in agreement with marianne – popcorn – especially the microwaveable variety – smells EXACTLY like breastfed baby poop (the yellow, mustard+cottage cheese variety).

  10. My uncle, when he asks for mustard in a restaurant, always says “Not the brown stuff, the baby-shit yellow stuff.” Makes a burger mmmm-mmmm good.

  11. I don’t have any babies yet, but I’m familiar with this phenomenon. Like any variety of Lysol, Fresh Rain Renuzit, and its other predecessors, thanks to some very authentic citrus air freshener, the smell of oranges can now be added to the list of things that smell like shit.

    In other news, Fritos smell like sweaty feet.

  12. Papaya. Once babies start eating solids, particularly (suprise!) a lot of fruit they get horrible fruity smelling diapers … and papaya tastes exactly how those diapers smell. I can’t eat it anymore – I just start gagging.

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