Merry Whathaveyou

Well, apparently I am taking this week off. And I’ll probably take next week off as well. I kind of feel like my muse is on winter break, or that I depleted my year’s allotment of creativity a few weeks early.

But I’ll be back on Januray 3rd. In the meantime, Happy Holidays from The Queen, The Squirrelly and I.


  1. Merry winter festivities to one and all…

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you & yours!!!!

    Hope you have a great time… ;)

  3. Eat, drink, and get fat and drunk!!! Merry X-mas

  4. what a cute baby! looks very intelligent!

  5. Happy Holidays to the squirrelly family. :)

  6. Merry Whathaveyou to you and your family as well. FWIW, that’s a Lebowski line… must be channeling your inner Achiever.

    And proud we are of all of them,


  7. Meryy what have you. The squirrly is looking good

  8. What pwetty eyes he has!

  9. The squirrely looks very handsome…

    Have you found out who the father is, yet? ;)

  10. yep, squirrely is quite the under achiever huh

  11. Not under achiever, Urban Achiever, as in the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers. In case anyone is checking this stale thread, where in Lebowski is “Merrry whathaveyou”?

  12. not “merry whathaveyou”, just “whathaveyou”.

  13. hey!! just stoppin by to say hey, a very laaaaate merry xmas and hope you had a happy new yr!!! ;) speak to you soon!!!