2005 Bloggies

defective yeti was nominated for a 2005 Bloggie award, in the “Most Humorous Blog” category. Hooray for defective yeti!

I made a passing reference to this fact on Monday, in a brief post where I predicted that most readers would instead vote for Dooce, who is also a finalist in the same category. I think some people misinterpreted this as some sort of subtle, sour-grapes, reverse-psychology ploy on my part to get people to pat me on the shoulder and say “there, there — you are so much funnier than Dooce.” Others took it as a subtle dig at Heather’s expense. Ah, no. People, rest assured: when I use subtlety, I will make it painfully obvious.

Heather and I are friends — not physical, we-go-out-and-play-miniature-golf-together friends, true, but certainly as Internet, we’re-in-a-book-together, we-both-just-had-kids, my-wife-often-gets-us-confused, we’ve-been-known-to-exchange-mix-CDs friends — and no weblog award hoohaw is going to suddenly make us rivals. Furthermore, I would be reluctant to compete against Heather in anything, for fear of a thorough ass-kicking. Well, maybe pie-eating. I bet I could pull a draw in pie-eating. Possibly Boggle.

Anyway, some folks were badmouthing Dooce in the comments of that post, so I pulled it. I recognize that one of the central tenets of quality blogging is that you never delete anything you’ve written, so I guess it’s a good thing that, from this site’s very inception, quality has never entered the equation. Besides: if The Queen were to discover that people we’re dissing her favorite site on my site, I’d probably wind up sleeping on the couch. So its removal was an act of self-preservation, really.

I think that’s enough said about that.

Anyway, thanks for the nomination, person and/or people who nominated me! Now that I’ve been nominated twice, Voiceover Man can start mention that fact in any movie trailers I happen to appear in. (“Starring Acadamy Award Winner Denzel Washington, Acadamy Award Winner Judi Dench, and two-time Bloggie Nominnee Matthew Baldwin, in Land Before Time XI: Rise Of The Machines…”)

And, now: let the “Most Humorous Blog” nominations second-guessing begin! The comments are open: please mention the blogs that make you go hah hah hah. I’ll start with Mr. Sun, Fafblog and The Sneeze.

38 thoughts on “2005 Bloggies

  1. I’m going by the “how much food was splattered on my monitor” scale of funny and izzlepfaff.com takes the prize by a mile there. But then I think it’s a little unfair since I learned not to eat and drink while reading such blogs – so unfortunately my screen has never been splattered by defectiveyeti. But I have made some very unattractive sucking air noises from laughing so hard while reading. But I’m still giving my props to the Skot who I’ve been reading for longer…. but since he’s not on the list (stupid list) you’re getting my vote.

  2. So much for freedom of speech and differing points of view on Dooce. Do not worry, I will not be coming back to your site again. Everything is not vallina in the world!

  3. Thus Spoke Crapples (crapples.blogspot.com). This guy is incredibly funny. Apparently on saturday he’s going to try to kill an elephant with his bare hands.

  4. i’ll admit, i used to try and keep up, but now everyone in the universe has a funny blog. I only read Que Sera Sera occasionally and have let the others fall behind. However, there is one site (uh…. besides you, of course) that I cannot live without. That fine, upstanding young man? Pat Hughes.


  5. I used to be funny, but then I discovered how much easier it was to be sarcastic and boorish. Pays the same, too!

  6. This is what I don’t get about these blog awards. The category is “most humorous blog,” yet there’s nothing funny on here. What gives?

  7. Matthew: Thank you for the compliment. If the occasion ever arises that we could fight crime together — side-by-side, using our humor and some kind of very powerful ray gun, I would love to do that. I will not wear a cape. Best, Mr. Sun

  8. I’m still upset Mr. Sun didn’t get nominated for best newcomer. Okay, so I only read the nominations three minutes ago, but I can see this upsetness lasting all the way through at least till I click post.

  9. You have your moments but I never click on DY looking for big yuks. I think of you as my casserole of cheese covered comfort food.

  10. I think the problem with Heather is, she doesn’t interact with people who comment on her diary. She comes across like a snobby, bitter uptight woman who want you to listen to her bitch, but doesn’t want to listen to you.

    I don’t think she’s been funny for a very long time. I feel sorry for her child.

  11. I like oursecretfantasy.com , It is about dirty jokes, sexy things people do while drinking, wild tales from drunken karaoke nights, and things that seem like fantasy, but are very likely true for some people.
    Mostly erotica related, but not Crude.

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