Dream The Improbable Dream

Upon being awakened by The Squirrelly’s fussing around 2:30 on Sunday morning, The Queen and I groggily compared notes:

Me: In my dream I was the star of a line of children’s DVDs that taught kids how to make fajitas.

The Queen: In my dream I was being bitten on the ankle by a monkey in a Thai restaurant.

That wife of mine, always with the one-upsmanship.

Last night I dreamt that The Queen and I were on an Amazing-Race-esque reality program called Hot Lava, where participants had to get from Seattle to Miami without using any vehicles and without ever touching the ground. We were far in the lead, because while the other teams were traveling the old-fashioned way (hopping from car to car to cross parking lots, for example), we had cleverly thought to bring along two large sofa cushions, and were using them leapfrog-style to traverse plains of Colorado at a fairly good clip.

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  1. Though I guess it won’t surprise you, there’s a similar reality show special on here in Japan. I’m not sure if it was a one off or not, but the contestants were only allowed 100 (or maybe 1000?) steps to take, in travelling from somewhere in Tokyo to somewhere in London and back again. Sorry for the foggy memory. I think they had to visit some important Beatles site.

    Anyway, they used leaping steps, buses, boats, taxis, and their roller-luggage (when they could convince some local to pull them for a block or three; or roller-luge, which involved taking a few leaping steps, throwing their luggage out front and landing on it to coast a few blocks).

  2. I admire your use of the word “clip”.

    I am still confused as to what part of speech it is.

    I had a dream that I was on top of a 10 storey building and I looked into the harbor below where a kid was slowly turning into a boat. The elevator was out, so I began to race down the stairs to try to save him, but he was continuing to metamorphose. Finally, I jumped out the window for the last two floors, but I was too late. He had turned into a boat. So I went parasailing.

  3. well, in your hopping across the plains of Colorado…stop by Denver and say “howdy” to your fans there :)

  4. well, in your hopping across the plains of Colorado…stop by Denver and say “howdy” to your fans there :)

  5. Strange that you were both dreaming of ethnic food, though. And it seems to me that your roles in the dreams represented how you felt about being waked up in the middle of the night… hmm? You, playing the star, and the Queen interrupted from a pleasant experience by a monkey*. (Incidentally, I identify more with the Queen, myself.)

    *That’s not *me* calling your kid a monkey. That was The Queen!

  6. There is/was an Australasian (NZ rather than Aussie, I think) game show, possibly a pilot only, called Going Straight in which people have to walk as far as they can in a straight line, with the caveat that the straight line route involves them in some stunts like the daring-not-gross ones from Fear Factor. Your Hot Lava sounds workable if you add the twist that people have to change their method of transport every 50 steps or 10 minutes and you can’t repeat methods of transport. Good title, too.

  7. Hey, wait… wouldn’t hopping from car to car to cross parking lots be “using” vehicles? Eh? EH?!!

  8. If you like posting your dreams, and reading about the dreams of others in a cool interconnected way I highly recommend – TCUP

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