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Okay, I received two requests in 24 hours to provide full RSS feed, so I finally set up the site to do so. I just cut ‘n’ pasted the template from here, so if anyone has any problems with it, lemmie know.

Update: I’ve also linked to the xml feed in the source header.

12 thoughts on “Full RSS Feed

  1. Every time someone adds a comment to one of your posts, it is highlighted as a new post in my RSS reader. Not such a good thing. I’d prefer the comments were not included in the full feed.

  2. It seems that every time my feed aggregator checks, every story is new (or updated). And did you mean to syndicate entire postings AND all of the comments as well? That seems excessive…

    Wait, I don’t see the comments anymore. Maybe I was dreaming them…

  3. Hrm.. Mozilla isn’t showing me the fun little RSS icon when I visit your site.. how on earth do I do it manually?

  4. Say, while we’re at it, do you think you could link to the RSS feed in your source so I can use Firefox’s Live Bookmarks on it? :)

    Great site, by the way. Love the writing.

  5. Note: I think this is what amy is talking about above… unfortunately it only works when the RSS file is explicitly linked.

    Forgot to provide the syntax:

    [link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”feed title” href=”feed url” /]

    (replace the brackets, of course)

    Should go somewhere in the head of your html.

  6. Hey.. the code Charles provided has to have “feed url” replaced with the actual name (and path to, if necessary) of your RSS feed (index.xml, say)..

  7. Sorry… didn’t mean to insult your intelligence. I just thought it would be better to provide more information rather than less.

    Of course, I left out the info added by Anthony because I felt most people could probably figure it out for themselves… trying to find that fine line between being helpful and being insulting… but apparently I missed it anyway. :)

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