Me And The Queen, At The Movies

Capsule reviews for the last three films we’ve seen on DVD:

Sky Captain And the World Of Tomorrow:

M: As a long-time fan of “1950’s science-fiction,” I was prepared to love this Sky Captain despite its lukewarm critical reception. And the first hour of exposition lived up to my expectations. But as it became increasingly clear that exposition was all the film had to offer — plot clearly having come as an afterthought — my interest waned considerably. Like Chicago, Sky Captain is an interesting attempt at reviving a cinematic style of yesteryear. But unlike Chicago, this one doesn’t succeed.

Q: Pretty boring.

I ♥ Huckabees

M: Though isolated scenes in Huckabees made me laugh out loud, it seemed to lack a consistent narrative to string them together into a cohesive whole. With a shorter run time and a bit more focus (though the former would probably beget the latter) this could have been a favorite of mine; in its current state it was simply too scattershot for my tastes.

Q: Really boring.

Mr. 3000:

M: A very conventional Sports Movie, but with enough tweaks to set it apart from most. Despite starring Bernie Mac and incorporating plenty of humor, Mr. 3000 is not an out-and-out comedy, and instead walks a tightrope between The Natural and Major League with no small amount of skill. And it even manages to integrates its product placements well. Recommended to aficionados of the “Sports Movie” genre, or anyone in the mood for a guaranteed-good-but-by-no-means-great rental.

Q: It wasn’t completely terrible. But it was pretty boring.

15 thoughts on “Me And The Queen, At The Movies

  1. Dude, Sky Captain was awesome. You have to accept that there is no plot, and just bask in the glory of yesteryear’s “Age of Tommorow” without cynicism.

  2. Sky Captain was lame. pretty, but lame. I wanted to love it but I think I fell asleep or something because now a few months later the only memories I have of it are a few stylish grainy still images and Gwyneth Paltrow reciting some monotone blathering. maybe an explosion or two.

  3. we just saw “sky captain…” too. i liked the glossiness of it enough to overlook the lack of plot, but my son (8) was very disappointed at how ms. jolie was featured prominently on the cover, but not really very much in the movie. he said, “if they make a sequel, i hope they put in more frankie so we can look at her to our heart’s content”. a wish i suspect is shared by many.

  4. CW: Visually stunning, but no plot, and the characters have less than two dimensions.

    My take: I don’t remember anything except the first couple of minutes, and my irritation at the running camera joke.

  5. I thought sky captain was SUPPOSED to be completely ridiculous. I mean, it had plot. The plot made no sense and went all over the map… but, yeah.

    Come on, people. It was a great film.

  6. ugh. garden state was horrible. where ‘eternal sunshine…’ hit the mark in every way, garden state failed miserably. such a forced attempy at quirkiness. i had to turn it off after whats-her-face’s “i like to do something noone else has ever done” spiel.

  7. I thought “Sky Captain” was a screwball romance with some robots thown in, so I was happy in the end.

  8. We tried to watch Sky Captain People of Tomorrow Yesterday bored crapless over the weekend, too.

    M: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    What? sierowei. wieorh. is it over?

    Y: Oh, I guess so, i fell asleep.

    I will defend Garden State unto really cleverly cutting witticisms!

  9. I rented Sky Captain last weekend, too, and I was disappointed because I didn’t know it was a kid movie. I don’t know how I mistook what I read on the box for what I thought it would be. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t that interesting to the average adult, other than the cool retro sci-fi style. The saving point: “When cold, nipples hard.”

  10. dude! dooooooooode! like, lay off the jabs at “i [heart-shaped thingy] huckabees” already.

    [valley-girl talk-mode: off]

    seriously, though, it’s not every day that ex-philosophy majors get to laugh their [our] asses off at not-so subtle references to Sartre, Nietzsche, and Kirkegaard. it’s like…spinal tap for existentialists. c’mon…

  11. I feel kinda sad for someone that finds I Heart Huckabees boring. It was delightful. It wasn’t too long, I was completely absorbed in it. Maybe you have to be in crisis mode.

    And I agree Garden State was WAY overrated.

  12. Saw Sky Captain before anyone as it was playing on the AIRLINE that I flew home on from Ireland. Bored me to tears, then again what can one say nice about this film…NOTHING.

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