Tricks of The Trade on NPR. Maybe.

If you (1) have submitted a Trick of the Trade that I’ve used (a) either in the original article or (b) on the Tricks Of The Trade website and (2) live in Seattle (or thereabouts) and (3) are interested in being interviewed for a NPR radio piece, please drop me a line.

If you (1) only meet the latter two conditions above and (2a) have a great trick that you haven’t got around to sending me but (2b) would like to do so now, here is the submit form. Please put “Seattle” in the Occupation field (e.g., “[Seattle] Skydiving Instructor”), and be sure to include your email address.

Weasel Warning: (1) assuming this actually happens (not assured) I’ll (2) only be able to interview three or four folks, but (3) that will not prevent me from using any good tricks I get sent from people hoping to be one of them, because (4) I am an opportunistic bastard.

4 thoughts on “Tricks of The Trade on NPR. Maybe.

  1. Dammit! If only we were already moved. I’m on the site but not in the area. San Diego anyone? Anyone? Actually, I’d probably come off as a total idiot on the radio. Do they have “do-overs”?

  2. If your willing to fly me cross country I will be glad to describe the various grotesqueries of the average PEBKAC situation.

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