I want to drive a phenomenal amount of traffic to my site, but I don’t want to go through the bother of writing something funny or clever or thought provoking. So maybe I’ll try my hand at spawning a blogmeme instead.

These are my URL ABCs:

How to find your URL ABCs: Type the letter ‘a’ into your location bar, copy the first URL that your browser autosuggests as a completion, and paste it into the corresponding field below. Repeat for letters ‘b’ through ‘z’. You may add a comments as well, but they are not required. You can skip a letter if you’d like, or you can supply a comment for a letter even if you omit its URLs (to explain that nothing came up for that particular letter, for instance). When you are done, click ‘Format My URL ABCs’ and this script will return the HTML code you can paste in the comments of the URL ABCs post , use on your own site, or print it out and enclose it with your next Kelly Osbourne fan letter. Whatever.

Letter URL Comment
List my URL ABCs as a bulleted list: yes no

Print comment following URL (e.g. “A is for apple.com — I love my iPod!”):
yes no

Use comment as link’s title attribute (e.g. “A is for apple.com “):
yes no

Note: This may only be an interesting exercise with Firefox or Mozilla, both of which offer autosuggestions in descending order of last accessed (the sorting algorithm may also take the frequency of access into account as well). I don’t know what IE does. If it just cough up URLS in alphabetic order — and, after a little experimentation with my rarely used copy of IE, I think this might be the case — then picking the first one off the top doesn’t really reveal much about you.

Update: I just realized that my spam filter — which automatically blocks comments that contain > 20 hyperlinks — has been preventing people from posting their ABCs in the comments. Sorry about that — the filter has been temporarily disabled.


  1. Mine are borderline depressing.

  2. That was fun. Stupid, but fun.

  3. Now I’m late for happy hour.


  4. I’ll take this moment to say I did this last week some time. I was trying to think of a way to discriminate between home/work computers and different browsers (e.g. on my work ‘puter, my IE and Firefox browser histories are quite different).

  5. That was a hoot! Especially when you upgraded the script right in the middle of my work.

  6. Works in Safari with most recent visit as far as I can tell.
    Mine are here

  7. Quite amusing. Mine lives here. I’m not sure if I learned anything about myself or not, but I suppose now my wife knows I’m not cruising porn sites all day. At least, not on this computer…

  8. mine.

  9. So much for Kubrick’s formatting… here’s mine.

  10. mine

  11. This was a lotto fun. Not as much fun as the lotto. but fun.


  12. What a fun exercise. Results: in Finnish, in English.

  13. Fun! Especially “M” – I’m partial to Mighty Girl myself. She’s my my cuz so she makes the family very proud!

  14. Boo for IE!! I am no fun.

  15. That was actually surprisingly fun. I used IE, but I cheated and tried to remember which of the sites I had visited most recently. Anyway, here’s mine.

  16. That was more fun than the Guess-the-Google and possibly more meaningful than a Myers-Briggs test.

  17. Here ye go. Safari picks the most recently visited link, and I just finished clicking through my morning comics links, so it’s too comic-heavy.

  18. I second the boo for IE. I’m at work and half the letters show files I’ve accessed on various network drives.

  19. Wow. As an avid reader of both dy and qwantz.com, this post made my universe implode.

  20. As a random core sampling of my browsing, that’s actually kind of keen. Now, of course, we need a macro to generate the list for us automagically …

  21. mine is fairly boring, but it does work awesome in firefox.

  22. I think mine’s ,um, broken. Nothing but porn links and Clay Aiken fan sites…stupid Firefox.

  23. Mine! A little heavy on the work-related URLs, but that’s ok.

  24. That was a damn fine way to waste fifteen minutes.

  25. Procrastination!

  26. Mine are here.

  27. These are MINE. I’d like you to notice that my “D” was Defective Yeti. But why isn’t your “G” for GreenTuna? *sniff*

  28. I got all hung up on the Mr. T video. That is… amazing.

  29. I thought that this thing would only take me a few minutes, but then after I posted it, I started surfing everyone else’s lists. THANKS A LOT, MR. BALDWIN. I came to Defective Yeti, and all I got was this lousy list.

  30. Of course I couldn’t resist either, but I should have browsed everyone else’s list first so that I didn’t have any missing letters. Anyway, here are mine

  31. This took a lot longer than I thought it was going to, I’m feeling really stooopid now.

  32. Hey, what a great idea. Here’s my list.

  33. One of the more creative memes I’ve seen. Love it. And as though there were an echo in the room, here’s mine.

  34. brilliant. your site is such a fund of info’ and inspiration.

  35. And mine.

  36. you are a genius (as the URL for mine indicates)

  37. you are a genius (as the URL for mine indicates)

    (i, on the other hand, am not, since i screwed up my html)

  38. That was great (says the random guy who has never been to this blog before).

    Here is mine for all that don’t care! Well, that is my blog, and it is the mostest recentest.

  39. I think DY has been looking at porn like the rest of us.

    F is for http://fusker.lewww.com/

  40. Here are mine:

    And really cool idea man :)

  41. mine shows that I’m willing to participate in any kind of procrastination…

  42. Mine shows just how big of a computer geek I am. Interesting idea… I think I’ll try it at home too.

  43. Here’s mine – and that’s my work PC. My home one should be even better!

  44. This is a great idea. Mine aren’t that exciting.

  45. Even mentioning the first rule will cause ninjas to be dispatched. Careful, run! [this is good]

  46. Mine’s here. Mostly webcomics. Spreading the meme though.

  47. Fun idea. Here’s mine.

  48. Fun idea. Here’s mine.

  49. Fun idea. Here’s mine.

  50. Fun idea. Here’s mine.

  51. “drive a phenomenal amount of traffic to my site”… brilliant.
    Here’s mine.

  52. These are my URL ABCs:

  53. Posted mine yesterday.


  54. yes, that’s The Hives.

  55. Here’s my links, from Firefox


    I cheated a couple of times, to go to the “most visited” rather than the “last visited”.

    Also X came up with popups so of course I didn’t do that. And W was to a porn site, Whiskey Foxes, that came up on a google site. Skip.

  56. If I was cool, I’d have my own blog. But so it goes…

    These are my URL ABCs:

  57. These are my URL ABCs:

  58. These are my URL ABCs:

  59. Mine.

  60. These are my URL ABCs:

  61. These are my URL ABCs:

  62. These are my URL ABCs:

  63. Hee. Here’re mine, latest entry. Blogger is so stupid, because no matter how many times I tell it to format each entry with a link, it won’t.

  64. Fun fun fun. I have IE but scrolled through to get what seemed like the most recent/representative URLs:

  65. These are my URL ABCs:

  66. These are my URL ABCs:

  67. These are my URL ABCs:

  68. in my response, I found one blog I wasn’t keen on, and said so. Suddenly I”ma hag in the Volvo Flame wars!! What fun!

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