Fish Story

The Squirrelly’s daycare was closed today, so I took the day off work and we went to the Seattle Aquarium. It was fun. The great thing about going to any sort of educational facility in the company of a small child is that you are free to just skip all the boring stuff. No standing around, pretending to appreciate the majestic majesty of some slow-moving critter that looks like a hunk of coral; bring a toddler and it’s nothing but sharks and seals.

And here’s a fun exercise: next time you go to the aquarium bring a flask of watermelon schnapps, and take a drink every time you hear a child shout “Nemo!” You’ll be dead of alcohol poisoning before you reach the otters.

I lifted The Squirrelly up at the hands-on exhibit and he immediately plunged his paw into the water to grab at an anemone. Next to us was a boy of about 10 who was holding his hand apprehensively over the surface of the brine. His father said, “Whattaya scared of? Look at that little baby! That little baby’s reachin’ right on in there!” I should have said, “Yeah, well, this little baby will also reach into his diaper and grab his own feces if we don’t keep him distracted while changing him, so maybe he’s not the best role model, eh?”

They should totally have a day where everyone can bring their cats to the Aquarium to look at the fish and sandpipers. It’s the worst idea I’ve ever had, but the thought of the mayhem makes me smile.

P.S. We just got The Squirrelly’s one-year glamour shots back from the lab.


25 thoughts on “Fish Story

  1. Hey, wait a minute. I see no backlighting or feather boa — this is clearly not a glamour shot! What I do see, however, is the family resemblance. Despite never having met The Queen, if I subtract your features from The Squirrelly’s features, I can get a rough approximation of her royal visage. More importantly: This picture is the ultimate BabyCrack(tm).

  2. I suppose you are sending those pictures to every baby food company in the world. He should be the Gerber baby!

    What a cutie!

  3. Cats are important people too, they deserve a day at the aquarium. It’s no worse an idea than, say, “King County Pants”.

    I am SUCH a member of the Squirrelly fan club!

  4. Looks dangerously intelligent. You might want to give him a few more chances to roll off the changing table, or you may be forking out $35K a year to Reed college in 2022.

  5. Extremely cute Squirrelly.

    As to the cat day at the Aquarium day…brilliant! We have a 65 gallon reef tank and 6 kitties. We refer to the tank as kitty TV.

  6. Bring Your Cat to the Aquarium Day: Wonderful idea! I think it’s important that kitties know where their food comes from.

  7. So, who does he look more like? Yes, he is adorable, *gush*gush* but for all I know this is one of those Dave & Busters face-merging “See what you’re kids will look like!” machine generated pics. Show us the Queen, and we’ll let you know.

  8. Can I come on Cats’ Day at the aquarium? We’ll have to dress up the Squirrelly in duct tape or something to save his cutie-patootie head, but he’d love it. Kids have a thing for absurd ruckusses.

  9. Who does The Squirrelly look like? Matthew. He is mini Matthew. I have doubts he is even my child until incidents like last night where he had a screaming fit and was telling us to stick where the sun don’t sign in baby babble. That is from my side of the family.

  10. ^^^

    Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have a dy first.

    It’s true — last night The Squirrelly didn’t want to go to sleep, so after we put him in his crib and turned off the light he started calling us all sorts of nasty names. But because he doesn’t know any actual words, all we heard was “Murble gabra gabra dadagada!! Gabra magabaga!! GABRA MAGABAGA!!!”

  11. Heeeyyyy there! What are you doing later? I like a toddler who’s willing to live dangerously. Me? I found a key the other day and went STRAIGHT for the outlet…*They* stopped me of course…But there’s always next time.

  12. Cats at the Aquarium Day? Oh sure, it’s all in fun until you get to the electric eel tank…

    On the other hand, I’d bet you could get some funny videos at the archerfish display!

  13. Give the cats some scuba gear and throw ’em in with the sharks. That’d be an interesting melee.

    The Squirrelly rocks the cuteness. :)

  14. First time on this website. Must say I really enjoyed it!! Your baby is cute as a a button, but only one baby is cuter….mine and he’s now 15 years! Yes .. his name is Nick.

  15. We also have a fearless grabber. Little Grab, our almost one year-old, has started to enjoy chewing on diaper wipes. It’s rather gross and he’s rather fast…

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