8 thoughts on “Game’d

  1. I tried to read that other site but my brain began to fog over… was he talking about some kind of video game?

    I’m still an Atari girl, what can I say.

  2. While I couldn’t quite figure out the exact nature of that game, it seemed like incredible fun. Do you know of anything like that in other parts of the country? I’d love to try something like that…

  3. You left the queen to watch Squirrely while you solved a game for 2-3 nights??? She must be awesome…I get aggravated when my husband plays a video game for 1-2 hours and leaves me to watch the kids, clean the house, etc… LOL

    The game sounds like fun – I would play it but get a sitter.

  4. Um, am I going to sound like a complete idiot here, but I swear I played “dating” games like this in college. We called them “Road-Rallys.”

    I think you guys are taking it to a whole other level though.

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