Business Week’s Best Of The Web Poll

Due to a clerical error, defective yeti has been nominated for Best Humor Website in the Business Week 2005 Best Of The Web Poll. It is currently trailing what is generally regarded to be the finest humor site in the history of the Internet, and neck-and-neck with a site about people putting remote controls on their Nebelungs.

While you are there, please vote for Mighty Goods in the category of Best Shopping Website, because Maggie once bought me brunch.

15 thoughts on “Business Week’s Best Of The Web Poll

  1. They don’t check your IP address, and you can vote as many times as you want. I brought you up to 12%.

  2. WOO-HOO!

    Let’s here it for total bias!!!

    I am gonna give meself carpal tunnel clicking and re-clicking for DY and Mighty Good!


  3. Is that the worst run online poll ever or what?

    I’m glad DY is winning and all, but you’d think Business Week would have a somewhat intuitive web poll. How hard is that? They’ve had like 8 years to catch up with Amazon and it still looks as professional as my 8th grade BASIC IF THEN code exercise.

  4. Well, you *are* funnier than The Onion, if the fact that I come here every day and haven’t visited The Onion in months is anything to go on. And it is. Because my taste is flawless.

  5. The Onion’s beautiful, but sometimes it just feels like they basically have 3 articles, and they just change the nouns all around and put it back up there…

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