Email from my aunt:

To: Matthew Baldwin
From: Val
Subject: I invented a new word

Rovenge (rO-'venj), n: Politically motivated retribution. The White House sought rovenge against Joseph Wilson.

Can you get this into the lexicon?

Start using it, people. And as long as nominations are open, I’d like to propose a term that popped into my head this morning while coloring with The Squirrelly:

White crayon ('hwIt 'krA-"

41 thoughts on “Vokarlbulary

  1. I got two out of typos:
    idiotmatic expression n: a word or phrase used repeatedly and, often, incorrectly e.g. – “literally”, “actually”

    objerctify v: (clean version) to utilize a person in fantasy

  2. matrimoney n: the net funds gifted to a newly married couple, which the couple can only spend on something useful like a new refrigerator or NOT THAT FLAT-SCREEN TV YOU WANT TO PUT ON THE CEILING OF OUR BEDROOM!!!!! See also: matrimoody

  3. A white crayon can be useful if you’re coloring on black paper.

    In that case a “white crayon” could have a second definition:

    A person perceived to be useless or thing thought to be required for the sake of completeness or tradition, until evaluated against a non-standard backround. “With his approval ratings in the 30s and members of his own party turning against him, the neo-con extremists saw GHW Bush as a white crayon. Public loss of faith and continuing, massive budget deficits would, they believed, force a massive downsizing of the federal government.”

  4. How about “regarding”?

    I know, it’s not a new word, but it must be for the seemingly millions of people who insist upon saying “irregardless”. If you’re not NOT regarding something…

    Barring that we’ll have to go with irreungardless, and that’s a word that shouldn’t be misunderestimated.

  5. I love the term “white crayon” with regard to our nation’s inept leader. It’s very fitting, seeing as how he manages to isolate himself from other colors.

  6. Sorry for the double post. It didn’t show up the first time. I swear!

    Great. Now my marginally witty comment is lame because not only did I post it twice, I had to apologize for posting twice.

    Note to self: stop using the internet when you are drunk.

  7. How ’bout “shrillary”? A shrillary is any person in government, usually female and married to a former president, that is certain he/she knows the best way to spend our money. Can be easily identified by two physical characteristics: 1) the ability to hurl lamps across rooms accurately and 2) cankles.

  8. Here’s another one: “Kerrymander”. To kerrymander is to pilot a small boat into a neighboring and off-limits country. Alternate meaning: to make a 15 minute response to the question, “Senator, what did you have for breakfast today?”

  9. I really like “pathetiquette” – I’m gonna try and use it at the first opportunity!

    Thought I had come up with one yesterday: scamage (or scammage) – something prone to scams. Like the internet these days (showing what an old fart I am – recalling way back when the internet wasn’t full of scamage … or much of anything else. hmmm.)

    Alas, a quick Googling came up with numerous citations (of each spelling – perhaps scamage is destined for a “kluge” vs “kludge” type controversy).

    Oh, well.

  10. Noun-blockage: A short-term memory language-lag by which the name of a person/place/thing is replaced with “thingy,” “whatchamacallit” or most often, a gasping silence. Noun-blockage often occurs in the speech of sleep-deprived persons. Astonishingly enough, verbs seem to be impervious to similiar treatment. Example:

    Person A: “I brought the dirty clothes down to the– the– the thingy you put dirty clothes in to make them clean.”

    Person B:”Washing machine?”

    Person A:”Yes! Sorry, I had noun-blockage for a moment.”

  11. From a typo:

    Quesiton: the fundamental subatomic particle that carries curiosity, frequently emitted by small children and cats. Quesitons are often said to be “aksed,” as in, “I aksed you a quesiton!”

    And not from a typo:

    Chronocide: the act of killing time.

  12. Sorry. I can make up for that.

    Schwinnmill : a spinning bicycle wheel attached to the back of a motorhome on the freeway.

  13. I like noun-blockage, but how is that different from a “brain fart.”

    Blamestorming: to accuse many different people of being the sole problem to an event.

    “The media blamestormed the Army, GWB, and Michael Brown for the problems with Katrina.”


    “GWB blamestormed Osama, Al-Quida, and Iraq for 9/11”

  14. Abdulislation — when celebrities, like Paula Abdul, step forward to address Congress in hopes of passing new legislation.

    With fungus running rampant in nail salons, Congress steps forward with new Abdulislation.

  15. sheeple – n. people of red states

    “We the sheeple . . . in order to avoid personal responsibility or having to work at anything . . .”

  16. Similar to white crayon – “apendextrous” – adj. – completely useless and only present “because it was born there”, which can only serve to cause problems if not removed.

  17. Chronocide: the act of killing time

    This is my new favorite word. I have been a Chronocidal maniac my entire life and never even knew it!

  18. Noun-Blockage is different from a “brain fart” in that a “brain fart” is a total blankness of mind (e.g. “Why am I standing in the kitchen?”), whereas Noun-Blockage is merely the loss of a particular word. My mother told me once, “Nouns are the first thing to go.” (No shit. She really said this.)

    And to Lung the Younger, George Bushes actual term in orifice on 9/11 was a 15 full minutes. Really. I’ve seen the video tape and everything. It was quite the breach of (or perhaps the height of) pathetiquette.

  19. Thanks for the correction claire. Due note taken.
    Please excuse my sloversight.
    Sloversight, n: A mistake a slovenly person makes from not bothering to do any real research before making a statement.

  20. Propagenda: n. preparing items on a program or list in order to disseminate them and thereby advocate a doctrine or cause.

    A friend coined this word when she was trying to say “propaganda” but was thinking “agenda.” Now we use it all the time.

  21. Confuzzled- didn’t that first come up in a Winnie the Pooh song?

    A heffalump or woozle
    Is very confuzzle.
    A heffalump or woozle’s
    Very sly.

  22. I’m submitting a new addition to the lexicon;

    Evanjackals (‘evAN – jAkals), n: Paying constituents for the Bush Administration. Term used to describe the union of self-righteous zealots of the evangelical right, and amoral corporate oligarchs whose interests intersect to impose a Taliban-like moral order, and concentrate wealth and power in the hands of the true believers.

  23. Regarding Chronocide- “As if you could kill time without injuring Eternity”. I wish I could claim this as original to me, but someone else said it and I’m just repeating it here for lack of anything else worth doing right now.

    Let us now consider “percussive maintenence”, which is trying to fix something by whacking the crap out of it. If you go too far with this process, you may experience the measure of time known as an “ohno-second”, or the sudden, slightly-too-late, realization that you just really ruined the object you were adjusting.

  24. This isn’t a new phrase, but it comes with a useful re-definition.

    political correctness–the state of being so completely open minded to another’s race, religion, sexuality, etc. that your brain has fallen out of your head. Leads to things like frisking blue haired grandmothers trying to get on an airplane while Mohammed, the 18 year old with the funny smelling backpack standing in line behind her, gets on the plane unexamined.

  25. Political incorrectness — the belief that everything in the world would be just fine if people not in your tribe would be treated like subhuman scum.

  26. Not actually a made-up word, but something I stumbled across just today:

    Potemkin village: Something that appears elaborate and impressive but in actual fact lacks substance (American Heritage Dictionary)

    The Potemkin village that is the Bush administration is beginning to be seen for what it is: a house of cards.

  27. Famper – a cross between fiddle and tamper. From a notice in a Spanish hotel room.

    Usage: “Please do not famper with the thermostat”

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