On a lark I registered wriashorstorwe.org last night, and I am in the process of setting it up. Yes, I realize I am the last man in America to still say “on a lark.”

If you are chomping at the bit to post a link to the first installment of your story, you can do so in this thread. But I’d suggest you wait until writashorstorwe.org is active, where you can do it with trackbacks and all that other fancy hoohaw. It should be live this evening. Yes, I realize I am the last man in America to still say “chomping at the bit.”

Update: Needs some work, but wriashorstorwe.org is online.

15 thoughts on “WriAShorStorWe.org

  1. Took me a minute to figure out, but I think The Squirrelly makes an excellent King Kong.

    Kute Kustumes!

  2. How brilliant is that costume below? And we thought our Halloween idea of drawing a unibrow on our baby and calling her Frida Kahlo was clever.

    I’ll try WriAShorStorWe!

  3. As a side note: I say “on a lark” all the time. Why, just yesterday someone asked why I ran a red light and I said, “It was on a lark.” I still got the ticket, though, so it’s not a terribly helpful phrase.

  4. You do realise that this is going to mutate and grow *wildly* out of control until vast shards of your sanity have fallen into the dust?

    I bet you say “nineteen to the dozen” as well.

  5. I got a clue about how many old fashioned expressions I use when my son told me he knew he should, “get crackin'” on his homework.

    Lovely costumes! Thought I had early trick or treaters this morning, but it was only women offering me a copy of, “The Watchtower.” Scary!

  6. Dude! It is “hoohah”, not “hoohaw”! “Hoohaw” is probably the short-lived sequel to “heehaw”, and thus has a more donkey-like bray at the end of the word. The “h” at the end of “hoohah” reflects the relaxed mouth tone required to effectively use this word. This will properly channel the concept of a mild amount of excitement, usually watched from a distance (ideally, from a front porch with a beat-up recliner on it). If possible, drink a mint julep or 9 before using this word.

  7. I used to say “On a lark,” but then realized:
    A lark is a bird.
    Birds have the avian flu.
    If I did something on a bird with the flu, I could be contaminated.

    Currently living in isolation.

  8. Ok, so unrelated and a little bit weird: I’m pretty sure I saw you at lunch today at I (heart) sushi. I was too busy being stranged out by the fact that I recognized someone from their website to even begin to figure out how one goes about saying hello. So hello.

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