Friday Cat Nickname Blogging


Secret Actual Name
King Louis The First
Jellybean (see below)
Name According To Squirrelly
Black Kee-cat
Prior Name
Luchiano (when we got him from the humane society)
Wagga Wagga (when we got him from a manx breeder)
Generic Nickname
Nickname When Bad
Bahama Bob
Nickname When Playing With Cat Toy
Hairy Swatter
Nickname When Sitting
Paw Tucker
Nickname When Agitated
Señor Twitchytail
Nickname when walking on us as we lay in bed at 4:00 AM
Ol’ Peglegs
Jesus Christ We Gotta Put This Fuckin’ Cat On A Diet
Nickname Reflecting How Cat Came To Be In Our Possession
Last Kitty At The Pound
Not Show Quality

28 thoughts on “Friday Cat Nickname Blogging

  1. we have a herd of cats, all of which eventually get called (by me) “that goddam cat”. As in, “that goddam cat just shit in the hallway again.” or, “get that goddam cat away from my food.”

    I have too many goddam cats.

    disclaimer: I like cats, which is why they have taken over the house; this was meant humerously and in no way represents any abuse or mistreatment of said menagerie.

  2. Slinker and Stinker are very popular nicknames in our house, along with Lemur, The Leem, Baron Von Leem, and little man.

    It’s nice to know we’re not alone. I’m also a member of the “talks to cat in baby voices” club.

    Are you happy now? You’re discussing cat nicknames with people on the internet.

  3. Well, in the interest of helping the “blogginess” of DY….

    We once had a cat named Sage who subsequently earned the nickname of “Brain Dead Kitten” or BDK for short. At the same time, we had a stray Maine Coon to whom I offered the name Grizzabella (a.k.a. The Glamour Cat) but who later informed us that her correct title was actually “Empress of the Universe.” My bad.

    Lately all our cats have been getting three names. Raven October Underfoot has now passed on to the Fields of Catnip, but Jinian Footseer Stareye is still tormenting the household, and Hermes Allegro Quicksilver (nicknamed “Clever Lad” because he’s not) continues to greet all comers with a sweet, if slightly stupid disposition.

    Finally, just to precipitate the inevitable straying from the topic that must take place in such blog comments, we also have a cockatiel who was originally called “Lilith” (after the mythological disobedient first wife of Adam, NOT the TV character, whom I was unaware of at the time). When I told someone I knew about the name, she mis-heard me and thought I had said “Lillis.” “Isn’t that Bing Crosby’s middle name?” she asked. Fortunately, I recalled this when she turned out to be a he and a quick name change was in order.

  4. “Jesus Christ We Gotta Put This Fuckin’ Cat On A Diet” is also the nickname of my (not show quality by a looooong shot) Tonkinese. When he walks on us in the middle of the night with his dainty, oval-shaped paws supporting his endomorphic midsection, it’s kind of like having Divine walk all over you in his stilettos.

  5. We had a small cat name Cinnamon, who went by various names: Cinny, Cinnaminimum, Cinn-teenie, Cinny-Minnie, Minnie, Minn-Teenie

    Now that I write it all down, I realize we must sound like horrendously sappy geeks. But oh well.

  6. I sometimes sing the ‘cat name’ song to my cats. Which is just basically running through all my pet names for them to the ABC tune.

    Sandinista = nista, nista beasta, ms. ista, sandi pandi, ms. beasta, grumpy ol’ lady, shut up I’m going to bed now!

    Tequila Gold = ms gold, quila, pumpkin head, baby cat, bruiser, goat cat, stinky butt, dirty butt, where’s your tail?, little shot of rotgut, that’s my breast you’re standing on – get the f**c off!

  7. We have two black cats, both male and indistinguishable unless you know them. They go by: Phillipe (Lip, Fatleep, Meatloaf, Fattypants, Mr. P, Porkpie, Poohead, Phillpott, Doofus) and Crispin (Hellion, Mr. C, The Inspector, Okfinebethatway, Crispy, Crispycritter, Crispittycrunchitty, Stinkbutt, Smoochie)

  8. We recently got two kittens, and even before we got them, we decided on the names Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Then we got the kittens, and they were females, so we call them Rosie and Gilda.

  9. Dorothy used to address both cats as Whee! too, but has somewhat learned their names now – Boco (Cobalt) and Yiomiyo (Rhodium). She just started saying “kitty” within the last week or so – cats used to generically be called “wahnwa” for some mysterious reason.

  10. Lydia will also be called (as occasion demands) Lyds, Sweetpea, Sugarplum, Sweetness and Little Miss Pretty Paws. I have recently discovered her sacred Indian name which is Sits Before Closed Doors. Other unique identifiers include Flicky Paw and Happy Tail.

    And what I want to know is, how can something that is so much smaller than me take up HALF THE BED?

  11. Our two feline are named Merlin and Jeepers. Merlin’s nickname is “Fucking Hell. I’m going to kill you!” and Jeeper’s is “Furry Meatslug is still breathing isn’t he?”. Their getting-on-the-bed-and-walking-on-you names are “Pathetic. Black Cats Can’t Jump” and “Oof! Watermelon On Toothpicks”. Together they are known as “Useless Crap Factories”.

  12. Seamus, being a Siamese, sometimes has the nickname of “Would you shut the Hell up?!?” Padraig is Pad-man. I considered coming up with something else after he had to have his penis amputated because of constant urinary tract blockages, but decided he was too old to be confused with gender issues.

  13. You’re restored my faith in your blogginess. I was getting very worried that my cats, Simon and Kerry, would force me to stop reading this soon. For the record, Simon’s nickname is simply Sir Simon the Orange, and one of our friends has nicknamed Kerry “loser.” My girlfriend got her on election day last year, you see.

  14. I had to post a comment to this entry for two reasons: (1) I have four cats and they all have various nicknames. Their “real” names are Cooper Boo, Atticus, Scout and Abby (see a theme there??). Also, your black cat’s name was “Wagga Wagga”? I was born in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia … 60,000 people in the middle of nowhere! Thought that was kind of cool ….

  15. Matthew, Matthew, Matthew (sigh) – a post about your cats…
    And just after recommending/defending the Yeti to a skeptical friend by saying “well, yeah, it’s a blog, but it’s not so self-obsessed and mundane that every other post has a picture of a baby or cat.”

  16. Our two lovely kitties have their regular names and then their nicknames. Ixtapa gets to be Kitty!, Ixtapalakettle, Black Kitty, ‘the Little Kitty’ and Lil’est. While our fatty tabby Oso gets to be Big Kitty, Osito, Osito Burrito (and this has a little song with some Costa Rican slang added to it that shouldn’t be repeated here), and Dumpity D. I am sure there are more names I just can’t think of them right now since they are snoozing on the bed and not bugging me.

  17. Man, talking about cat nicknames is the bloggiest!

    When we got our cat from a foster home, she was named Irene. Her previous owners had called her Genie. My husband wanted to name her Givemejustalittlemoretimeandourlovewillsurelygrow (“Gimme” for short), or Mr. Littlejeans (in honor of his favorite movie, Rushmore, and to highlight the fact that when she stands on her hind legs she looks like she’s wearing extremely furry pants). On the ride home from the foster home I asked her if she liked any of the various names we were considering; when I said “Sophie?” she meowed, the first time we’d heard her say anything. I said, “Are you sure? Sophie?” and she meowed again, louder (probably thinking “god, these people are slow”). So that’s what we call her, when we’re not calling her by one of her 1,001 nicknames.

  18. I’m 2 cats mad myself. The rule in our house is that when they’re being good, they’re my cats, otherwise, they belong to my wife. You’ve got to have rules.

    Nicknames : Pete is often known as TinyLad on account of this size and Dud is referred to as DirtBag or Weirdo but I shall leave you know work out why.

  19. Wow you call your cat Pegleg too! This applies when walking across our bodies when we are in bed. Hobbes becomes Bobby becomes Booby becomes the french Boubeh, in which case Pegleg is also referred to as StOMpy Boubeh.

  20. Heehee. I’ve had my cat’s name changed mostly because my grandparents can’t really pronounce difficult names like “Sid” too easily. So now he goes between “Pepe” or “El fucking gato.” I like the second one better.

  21. My Kally cat’s pre-adoptive name was Princess. We quickly changed it but have come to realize that she lives up to the reputation. She goes by Shitty Kitty almost all the time, Meow, Haunches, Green Eyes, Ears, and Pink Paw the rest of the time. Stumpy and The Tail-less Wonder are reserved for the times she looses her balance and falls off the couch/bed/TV due to her lack of a tail.

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