The Final Word

In my post about The Squirrelly’s burgeoning language skills, I neglected to mention that The Queen and I recently established his first word. It happened during a conversation with a friend of ours.

Friend: What was The Squirrelly’s first word?

Me: “Kitty.”

The Queen: “Mama.”

M: [To Queen] Well, really he started saying “kitty” first.

Q: [To friend] It was “mama.”

M: [To Queen] I mean, yes, he made “mm mm” sounds before he said kitty, but, you know, in order to officially be considered a word they have to say it three times in the appropriate context, so —

Q: [To me, accompanied by The Look] His first word was “mama.”

M: Well, but I … I, um … uhh …


Q: [To friend] It was “mama.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how facts are made.

This wasn’t the first time she’d used The Force on me. About a year before The Squirrelly was born we got a second cat to keep Louie, our first, company.

Q: What should we name him?

M: Oh, whatever you want.

Q: I named Louie, so it seems only fair that you get to name this one.

M: Really? Wow, okay. Well, he’s black, so maybe something like “shadow” or “licorice.”

Q: You want to name him “licorice?”

M: Well, no — “licorice” doesn’t really roll of the tongue. But he does kind of look like a big licorice jellybean, you know. So maybe — oo, that’s a perfect name: “jellybean.”

Q: “Jellybean. ”

M: Yeah, “jellybean.” What do you think?

Q: I think I like “Edgar.” We’ll call him “Edgar.”

13 thoughts on “The Final Word

  1. My first word was kitty, too – “tisty,” actually – but I think that’s only reasonable considering that there were three of them all meandering around at my eye level. My mother did dream while she was pregnant that the doctor delivered her of a little gray kitten instead of a baby, though – so it may just be fate at work here. Did it affect me? I have three. And a foster cat, too, for now.

    I don’t fault the Squirrely on this count – they’re there in the field of vision, they’re interesting to observe, they’re nice to pat – all reasons it would pop up as a first word, and an easily enunciated and clearly intelligible first word at that. A fine choice.

  2. I named my cats Seamus and Padraig, because I was trying to learn to speak Irish at the time I got them. At first I was nice to the vet and told him their names were “James” and “Patrick”, but I have since become cruel and just listen for “See-amos” and “Pa-DRAY-ig”.

  3. Ah, The Force. Our cat was named the same way!

    We decided on the name ‘Leviathan’ at my urging. It was decided far ahead of time, particularly since I had to be worn down on the whole ‘cat thing’ in the first place. We got to the shelter, found our cat (I was out-voted by the squeals and coos of two sisters being licked on the hands by the cat), and upon bringing her home I heard: “Y’know, I don’t think ‘Leviathan’ is a good name for a female cat…” And now we both enjoy the hijinx of Leto, aka, “Stupid cat! Stop running directly into my feet when I’m walking towards you!”

  4. I had no such problems naming my first cat. Even though I was getting it for my girlfriend at the time, and it was ostensibly her cat. I didn’t even like cats at the time. But when we went to the house for her to pick one out, I sat down on the couch to wait for her to get it over with, and one little runt clawed its way up the couch and plopped itself down curled up against my leg. So just like that, it was my cat. My girlfriend really didn’t mind, since all she cared about was that we got a cat.

    Anyway, she didn’t know it but I’d already picked out a name for the cat even before it became my cat. I mean, what more perfect name for a cat than Mog the Destroyer?

  5. Hey Chris R, no stealing cat names: Stupid Cat was my family cat’s name, so dubbed when on his first day in the house he plopped himself in front of the TV, staring intently for about 10 minutes, then promptly “pouncing” paws first, then head (thud) into the screen. He stayed outside, mostly, after that.

  6. I, or rather my parents, had a cat called licorice. So it’s clearly a good cat name. Sadly not a good cat. It used to sit on the table and swipe at our other cats tail as it went past, fishing style. Our other cat got the last laugh, it’s still alive.

  7. Pete and Dud were easy to name …, but Dud was missexed at one point (every lads nightmare that) which led to them being named Margo and Jerry for a while.

    Dud is 100% black so he’s sometimes called The Darkness.

  8. i’m in a Modern Physics class right now and it seems that every physicist we study has a great cat name, atleast in my opinion. I mean, c’mon:

    1. Einstein
    2. Heisenberg
    3. Fermi
    4. Schrodinger
    5. Rutherford
    6. de Broglie
    7. Compton

    the only problem is getting enough cats to use all the names…if only i worked in the records department at the animal shelter.

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