I was downloading the pictures from my digital camera this morning, and laughed out loud when I saw how emo The Squirrelly looked in this photo.

Update: See Kevin’s remix here.

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  1. I’m not into his main band anymore. And everyone else is into the side project so I don’t like that either. I sort of like the side project of his side project but that’s starting to seem like a sellout too. So now I’m into this EP that he’s only started thinking about releasing in ten years but he’s only going to press four copies. It’s about poop. It’s awesome.

  2. ^en^ has a point — But who knows, maybe it’ll be undergoing a revival like all the past fashions are.

  3. I’m not familiar with the adjective “emo”. The only emo I know is Emo Phillips, and I don’t think that applies here unless the Squirrelly has started to say things like “I was walking down the street, something caught my eye, and dragged it thirty feet”. Would someone please clarify?

  4. ‘Emo’ came from ‘Emotional hardcore’. Started i beleive when Hardcore/metal started calling the people singing Emo ‘whining bitches’. So the emo people left the hard rock scene, and started their own bands.

    But thats my take on it at least. Emo’s roots are shrouded in purple clouded, excessive eye-makeup wearing, My daddy doesn’t love me enough history.

    Wikipedia has an article that i don’t nessesarily agree with. Anywho. I forgot what I was orriginally going to post, but this is enough.

  5. Baby Emo could be the new Anne Geddes. The Xy and z generation will want lasting and memorable photos of their young breed to cherish for eternity. We’ve been dressing up the kids as stuffed animals long enough. Now it’s time to dress them as lethargic musicians!

    Here’s a candidate.

  6. Hi, long-time lurker, first time poster here. I just had to post because this photo/poem made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes. Reminds me of my 2 1/2 year old when he doesn’t get M&Ms for breakfast.

  7. I live in Maine and your site was referred to me months ago by one of your former co-workers (a college friend of mine). I have a 13 month old daughter and while I rarely read blogs, I check back to yours often because it makes me laugh out loud (among my favs were the taiwan exploding ball story which I shared widely, and the post about seattle’s literacy program). At any rate – I LOVE this one too and shared it with my daughter’s PNP (who I work with). We both think that “sometimes I poop just to know I’m alive” is a brilliant line. Anyway – keep up the good work and know you have us laughing on both coasts!

  8. Your modernist reduction of the well-known, “I think, therefore I am” captures the modern ethos, the inherent nihilistic approach to modern life that reduces all of us to the search for closeness to the primordial, naturalistic relationship with man and nature. To embrace mucus and poop is the desire of all of us; to know truly what it is to be human.

    Now, go wipe his nose and give him a Juicy Juice.

  9. And what is he reading–an atlas index? And upside-down? No wonder he’s having an existential quandary.

  10. OK, that poem made me laugh so hard I had to come out of the woodwork and let you know. And your Bush word game post thingy from a few weeks ago was fantastic too.

    ‘Sometimes I poop just to know I’m alive’ indeed…

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