I Heart The Seahawks!!!!

I went out for a jog around my neighborhood yesterday afternoon around 4:00. About halfway through I started to get that eerie “it’s quiet … a little too quiet …” feeling. There were no pedestrians on the sidewalks, no cars on the street. It wasn’t until I realized that the windows of every house on the block were flashing in blue-white synchronization that I started to remember. A big TV event? Something about a sport, or something?

Ah yes. That. How could I have forgotten.

Actually, forgetting hadn’t been difficult at all, as I have never cared about football. Honestly, I don’t care about any sports, but at least I have friends who are fans of the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Sonics, and keep me somewhat abreast of the baseball and basketball season. But as I only have one person in my circle of acquaintances that is enthusiastic about football — and the only team she follows is the Green Bay Packers — it’s perhaps unsurprising that I was out trotting around, blissfully ignorant about The Biggest Football Game In Seattle History.

When I got back home I turned on the TV to see the status of the game. I still didn’t care, but it was like checking the weather. I wanted to see if the 14-day forecast for Seattle showed dark clouds of Football Fandom amassing on Seattle’s horizon, or whether we would dodge that particular storm.

Incredibly, the former appeared to be the case. The Seattle Seahawks were leading the Mumble* Panthers 27-7 in the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship. (* I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t even know where the Panthers hail from.) ( I’m not actually embarassed.)

Without turning off the TV I left the room for a few minutes. When I returned, The Queen was stationed in front of the television, gawping in amazement. “The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl!” she shouted with what sounded suspiciously like real enthusiasm. My god, I though, they’ve already got my wife!

Anyhow, it appears that Seattle has abruptly become A Town That Gives A Rats Ass About Football, and everyone is now scrambling to prove that they were fans waaaaay before last weekend. Fortunately, I was able to unearth this photo, demonstrating that, at at least on point in my life, (I / my father) cared enough about the team to (wear a piece of Seahawks-related apparel / dress me in a piece of Seahawks-related apparel for picture day). PUT THAT IN YOUR ENDZONE AND, um, TACKLE IT, YOU BANDWAGON HOPPING JOHNNY-COME-LATELYS!

Of course, now I am on the horns of a real dilemma. Because even as a kid, I didn’t really care about football, except insofar as it was expected of me. So while I publicly pledged allegiance to the Seahawks, I secretly rooted for another team, from another state entirely. Why were they my favorites and not the Seahawks? Simple: they had the coolest looking helmets in the league.

That team was the Stealers — and that’s who the Seahawks will face on February 5, 2006, in the Superbowl. What’s a fair-weather fan to do?

Update: I have been informed that the actual name of our rival is “the Steelers.” Wha-?! The other reason I liked them as a kid was because they had a cool, rougey name, like the Raiders and the Pirates. Now I learn that they are named after a metal alloy? GO SEAHAWKS!!

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  1. It’s good to see that there others who just can’t give a rats ass either. I mean, I’m a guy, which means that I should love football, and I just can’t give a rip. It’s just not there. I’ve tried, but it’s so freaking boring.

    I know it’s really “macho”, but, and this is so sacrilidge to say, it’s guys in tights hugging for hours and trying to tackle one another so that they can roll around on the ground together. If I went up to my friends, in a non-football situation, and did the same thing they’d think I was gay… and really aggressive about it.

  2. I must admit, although I’ll be watching the game (and rooting for the ‘Hawks as I said earlier), it won’t be the most important ball game I’ll be watching this weekend…

    The Six Nations rugby tournament starts this weekend, and Wales are playing England – come on Wales!!

  3. I’m not a football fan, and I actually do know more about football than I like to let on, but it is so much fun to make really dumb and inappropriate comments when surrounded by die-hard fans that it’s impossible to resist! THAT’s the real joy of the Super Bowl! Not The Game, not The Commercials, but Annoying the Real Fans!

    I especially like answering questions before and after the Super Bowl such as “Who do you think will win the Super Bowl” or “Isn’t it cool that (WINNER HERE) won the Super Bowl” with a dead pan. “Super Bowl? That’s football, right?”

  4. I am a Steeler fan, because you have to enjoy a team that merged with the Philadelphia Eagles to form the Phil-Pitt Steagles during WWII.

    If there’s a better name for a band, I haven’t heard it.

  5. I am a Steeler fan, because you have to enjoy a team that merged with the Philadelphia Eagles to form the Phil-Pitt Steagles during WWII.

    If there’s a better name for a band, I haven’t heard it.

  6. Hey Matt. I heard you on NPR this evening. From pre-school Seahawks t-shirts to expert opinion on the Hawks. You Rock!

  7. Ironically, I was a Seahawks fan when I was a kid because of their awesome helmets. Geographically, I should have been a Patriots fan, but in those days, there wasn’t much to get behind. (I remember the headline on the Boston Herald one morning announcing, “WOW! We’re No. 28!”)

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