American Priorities

Funny Joke: what’s the difference between breast milk and steamed milk?

A: You can sell steamed milk for 10¢ an ounce!

The full text of the billboard — which can only be read by standing directly below it — is “Babies are made to be breastfed.” The URL below the slogan — really, the entire point of the PSA — is completely blocked by the building.

And lest you think that the sign is only obscured at this angle, here is the view from the street.

17 thoughts on “American Priorities

  1. Funny! I drive by that all the time (I live two blocks away), and just seeing “be breastfed” completely screws with my head. I’ve done a double-take at least three times now.

  2. I have always theorized that all those people that ask for straws for their lattes and steamed milks do so because they weren’t breastfed for long enough.

  3. Y’know, this photo pretty much confirms the picture many non-Seattle residents have of your town: Starbucks on every corner, blotting out the overcast skyline.

  4. Ya know, that was my first thought. “That’s gonna cause an accident, what with all the people seeing ‘breastfed’ and trying to find out what the whole thing says.”

  5. You can sell breast milk for $200/hour if you dispense it from the proper container into the proper clientele.

    It’s all about location.

  6. It’d be funnier if they’d paid for the billboards. Ones like those are PSA’s…the billboard companies throw them up there when noone will buy the billboard space because it’s blocked by a friggin’ Starbucks.

  7. Breastmilk and Starbucks huh? Made me wonder… will we ever see a milk bank in Starbucks for all the caffeinated moms?

    I never understand why billboards in locations such as this simply aren’t taken down. Totall waste.

  8. They should put the billboard inside the Starbucks- it would definately have a large audience there.
    That wierd-looking Starbucks mermaid is breastfeeding the Pacific NW its caffeinated beverages anyways…

  9. There is a billboard in Wallingford that’s the same way. I think it’s for Seattle Art Museum and says something like “stars don’t just come out at night.” It’s been up for months and it is mostly obscured by that templey Thai restaurant, May. I didn’t know what it was until I saw another one elsewhere. You cannot read the ad completely no matter where you stand.

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